No, no, not Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden!

The President of the United States has been caught out red handed, having been accused of using his own private e-mail whilst he served as Vice-President of the Obama administration, to send private government information to his son, Hunter.

Sounds familiar?

Back in 2016, former Secretary of State and Democrat Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton was accused viciously of using her private e-mail server to discuss confidential government issues.

Now, former Vice-President Joe Biden stands accused of the same thing, leading to questions of how the Obama administration was truly run.

Where did the story come from?

Then-Vice-President Biden held a close relationship with his son Hunter during his time in office with President Barack Obama, even inviting him to jet off on Air Force Two every once in a while.

One time was in 2013, when the Vice-President and his son jetted off to China on the vice-presidential plane, where the younger Biden was able to secure a business deal with a Chinese state-related bank.

Hunter Biden also held a position on the board of a Ukrainian oil and gas company, Burisma Holdings.

Why is this significant?

Well, this company was under investigation for corruption, around the same time that the former Vice-President was at the helm of the Obama administration’s foreign policy plans in Ukraine.

By his own admission, Vice-President Biden pressure the Ukrainian government to drop the investigation into the company, threatening them withholding millions in US aid if he did not get his way.

Joe Biden has continued to deny having anything to do with his son’s business ventures, however, the infamous Hunter Biden laptop may change the story on this issue.

The Biden e-mails

The Hunter Biden laptop, which has been a barrel of revelations in the last few months, has done it again.

The laptop, which was initially believed to have been abandoned in a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019, has come up with the goods again, with these goods being photos and e-mails that seriously undermine the claims made by the former Vice-President Biden.

Some photos stored on the laptop depict the current President of the United States posing with some of Hunter’s business partners back in 2013, which is a direct contradiction of the President’s claim that he had nothing to do with his son’s business ventures.

However, that’s not all the laptop revealed.

According to Just the News, the laptop contains e-mails that were sent to Hunter from his father from a private e-mail address, with many e-mails containing that the then-VP had received from the State Department.

According to the reports, some e-mails to Hunter were signed “Dad” at the bottom, confirming the account belonged to Joe Biden.

In one e-mail, the former Vice-President demanded that his son called him “right away,” after Hunter continuously asked his father to be involved in the appointment process of a new Treasury Department detailee.

The damming evidence contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that President Joe Biden not only lied about not being involved in his son’s business ventures, but he also used a private e-mail to communicate with his kids, whilst also sending them sensitive government information.