The son of former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, has taken aim at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, after she announced in a press briefing this week that the federal government will be stepping up its efforts to have posts removed from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, posts that the administration deem to be spreading misinformation.

This announcement comes in the wake of numerous posts and profiles online being accused of spreading misinformation regarding the effectiveness and safety of the Covid-19 vaccines that are currently being rolled out in the US and around the world.

Trump Jr expressed deep concern regarding the comments made by the Press Secretary, suggesting that First Amendment rights could be restricted.

What does Psaki say?

In one of her usual press briefings, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was answering a question relating to what actions the administration was taking, or planning to take, to try and stop the spread of misinformation online regarding Covid and the vaccines that are available.

She claimed that, at the time of her speaking, the administration has “increased disinformation research and tracking,” stating that this change has come from within the “Surgeon General’s Office.”

She then went on to state that the administration is currently flagging “problematic posts” for companies such as Facebook to investigate, before claiming that they had begun to work with “trusted medical experts” to “boost content” that is viewed online on social platforms.

Psaki concluded the press briefing by moving onto other actions the administration has taken, such as the creation of the so-called “Covid Community Corps,” which she claims will allow the administration to “get factual information into the hands of local messengers.”

Trump Jr’s response

As expected, the outspoken son of the former President Donald Trump had a lot to say about the information given by Psaki at her latest briefing.

He began by accusing the White House of attempting to “dictate who should and should not get thrown off of social media,” citing a violation of the First Amendment.

He then went on to propose some hypothetical questions to Jen Psaki and the to the Biden administration, questions they will not be happy with.

His first question is one we all know the answer to, but he asked it anyway.

He demanded to know whether or not the likes of Adam Schiff, who claimed he had seen concrete evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, would be banned from social media after his claims turned out to be a lie.

Trump Jr expanded this question, demanding to know if every Democrat who parroted the Russia lie, both in and out of Congress, would be thrown off of social media.

He then went on to question whether or not those in the media, so-called journalists and pundits who spread the Russia lie and made it mainstream, if they would be thrown off social media for contributing to something they knew was inaccurate.

However, Trump Jr’s next question posed to Jen Psaki was alongside the lines of Hunter Biden, not Russia (but not really).

He went on to ask whether or not those who work in the intelligence sector, who went on live TV to state that the Hunter Biden laptop story was made up by Russia, would they face action from the administration and big tech.

The answer here, as Trump Jr pointed out, is no, as social media companies moved heaven and earth to censor the Hunter Biden story that was being distributed during the election cycle, fearing it may influence people’s votes.

He concluded his video by stating that the current action and rhetoric coming out of the administration is a “real threat,” after he pointed out their hypocrisy for not investigating Democrats who spread misinformation, or for not investigating Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose e-mails and press briefings drastically differed on the information that was revealed to the public.

He finished off by accusing social media companies of falling to the Biden administration, as they are now effectively allowed to dictate what content is allowed on these platforms.

It’s safe to say that Psaki will not be rushing to reply to Trump Jr’s video, as he left her little room to wriggle out of!