Democrat President Joe Biden has once again exhibited what could be considered alarming signs of senility as he stuttered a lot, froze a lot, and was unable to finish his thoughts multiple times during an embarrassing CNN townhall host by network anchor Don Lemon.

Not to mention that, as he was unable to complete his sentences, Biden jumped from one unfinished sentence to another unfinished sentence and still another one, without a logical connection between them.

In one particularly embarrassing 40-second-segment, amid lots of stuttering and repeating “uh” and “the” like a broken record, Biden managed to blurt out a total of five unfinished sentences, leaving everybody with an honest mind wondering whatever the point of the Democrat President of the United States of America might have been.

Signs of senility

The painful-to-watch segment started with Biden explaining about a question whether we “should in a position”, then came an “uh-uh” pause; there followed a wondering of “why can’t the experts” – with lots of “the”-s in there and something about knowing that “this virus is in fact”…; this was then garnished with more “uh”-s; the supposed leader of the free world then tossed an “it’s going to be”, before switching up to “we may know” that the approved drugs are no longer temporarily “approved by permanently approved.

Yeah, we know this is hard to read.

At this point, Biden seemed to have come to his senses a little as some logical connections reappeared between his sentences.

He said that “that’s underway too. I expect that to occur quickly.”

Besides losing his way in his own comments in an alarming way likely speaking of deteriorating senility, the present occupant of the White House offered the American public other embarrassing moments as well during his CNN town hall.

As he seemingly lost his way in his comments, at least at some points he tried to fill the awkward gaps by turning to praise CNN’s controversial anchor Don Lemon.

Thus, Biden told Lemon that the latter is “always straight up” about what he does.

In another such moment of honestly warming up to CNN, the flagship of lefty political propaganda, the president told Lemon that he is “one of the most informed” media journalists in the United States.

Lemon, you are well informed!

This second outburst of praise for the CNN host came as the two were talking about restoring faith in the US government.

Biden went on a tirade on how he had vowed to take responsibility for any mistakes he might make as president, and argued that was already doing so by admitting what he has already done wrong.

According to Biden, the reason for Lemon’s understanding of that is precisely because he is so well-informed.

Such highly meaningful moments of warmth between one of the faces of CNN’s unbridled leftist propaganda and maybe the biggest beneficiary to it added tremendously to the effect of the latter’s likely senility symptoms.

The duo managed to turn the town hall into a marvelously grotesque charade – which would have been entertaining if it weren’t frightening for showing the face of a president affecting countless lives and fates in America as well as throughout the world.