The US national women’s soccer team humiliated America on Wendesday twice in less than two hours: first, by “taking a knee” to support Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization filled with hypocrisy, bigotry, and hatred for the United States, and, second, by losing 0:3 to Sweden despite being top-ranked.

All 22 players in Wednesday night’s opening game at the Tokyo Olympics “took a knee”, Sweden’s women’s team, followed suit, supposedly this way fighting “racism.”

That has come against the backdrop of BLM’s recent statement in support of the brutal communist regime terrorizing its own citizens in Cuba, which was drafted in the best tradition of evil anti-American and anti-Western propaganda of the former Soviet Union – a vile Marxist outburst, which has exposed BLM’s true face.

With Americans across the nation getting increasingly fed up with “wokeist” protesting, which certainly appears to be unpatriotic, many took to social media to justifiably lash out against the humiliation that US women’s soccer caused to their country.

Matt Walsh, a podcast host and author at the Daily Wire, declared his happiness over the loss from Sweden.

He declared that he was going to root against America’s female national soccer team from now on, hoping that they will be getting “humiliated and embarrassed” like they “humiliate and embarrass” their country.

The Babylon Bee, a satirical site, put forth some would-be-humorous-if-it-weren’t-so-sad headlines ridiculing the wokeist loss of US women’s soccer.

One of them reads that the American female national team is going to boycott the scoring of goals “until racism is defeated.”

In another headline, The Babylon Bee suggested that the female soccer team got replaced by 15-year-old boys wearing wigs in order to improve the team’s Olympic chances.

Calling the “taking a knee” by US women’s soccer during the game against Sweden “disgraceful and ungrateful”, Laura Ingraham, the Fox News host, declared that “their woke brands are joke brands.”

The Daily Caller mocked US women’s soccer by tweeting that “you absolutely hate to see” it.

Logan Hall from the same publication dwelled upon what an impact actual patriotic professional athlete could have for the United States against the backdrop of the national nihilism displayed by the female soccer players.

Hall added that since fans naturally root against teams hating their own country, the untapped market for patriotic athletes is huge right now.

Political commentator Lauren Chen advised US women’s soccer that they have more practice and less activism next time.

Christopher Bedford with The Federalist tweeted that the team had achieved the more important thing for corporate sponsors – the wokeist protest, not the winning.