Democrat President Joe Biden has practically admitted that the extended unemployment benefits that he and the Democratic Party championed as a COVID-19 crisis relief measure do in fact preclude Americans from returning to their jobs by de-incentivizing them from working and seeking further professional realization.

Biden spoke on Wednesday night at a town hall hosted by the spearhead of lefty propaganda, CNN, which was hosted by its anchor Don Lemon, and took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Mount St. Joseph University.

One of the questions posed to Biden by the attendees of the half-empty townhall meeting came from John Lanni, an Ohio restaurant owner, who explained that his company is experiencing substantial difficulties finding workers now that the US economy has been reopening after the horrendous coronavirus lockdowns.

Lanni, who co-founded the Cincinnati-based Thunderdome Restaurant Group, with 39 venues across the country, asked the Democrat President how he and his administration are going to “incentivize those who haven’t returned” to their jobs yet.

He emphasized that the restaurant business, among a number of other industries, is really struggling to find employees.

Biden’s unscripted reply that followed was truly revealing and certainly was as one of those episodes giving his senior staff horrific nightmares at night – as the Democrat President is increasingly showing signs of senility and his aides have been trying to control his every public speech.

In effect, he admitted precisely to the truthfulness of the massive criticism by the Republicans – and anybody with a basic economics knowledge, for that matter: namely, that the lavish extended unemployment benefits program of the Democrat administration is going to discourage a lot of people from seeking jobs while squandering needless huge sums of government money.

Biden argued that the restaurant owners should be happy because “we kept you open.”

He then went on a tirade explaining how former waitresses and waiters are seeking other opportunities, with higher wages.

When Lanni asked a follow-up question on how Biden could better the situation for business owners trying to find labor, the Democrat President implied that they should be paying more money as people are seeking to “make more money” and “bargain.”

After that, he happily concluded that “your business and the tourist business” are going to be “in a bind” for some time.

Biden then gave out the most revealing line, namely, that “we”, i.e. his administration is ending “all those things” which are “keeping people from going back” to work – an apparent admission that the joblessness benefits are indeed stopping many from working.

The Democrat President then added it would be interesting to see “what happens” – a reference to the expiration in September of the extended unemployment benefits, which provide an extra $300 a week.

A total of 26 out of the 50 US states have already ended early the extended unemployment benefits precisely because of fears that the lavish additional government handouts will hurt the economy.

In his latest fit of senile honesty, Joe Biden seems to have admitted that they were right.