A total of 190 GOP members of the House of Representatives on Thursday sent Democrat President Joe Biden an open letter warning him against pressuring “Big Tech” private companies to impose censorship, and stating he behaves like a “Cuban dictator.”

The House Republicans’ letter is about the recent unabashed admission by White House press secretary Jen Psaki of operational government censorship: namely, that the Biden administration is flagging “misinformation” posts on COVID-19 vaccines on Facebook, and then having the social media giant remove them.

Fidel Biden

By comparing Biden to a “Cuban dictator,” however, the GOP letter shrewdly ties together Psaki’s censorship admission to the current events in Cuba which last week saw the greatest anti-regime protests in decades, prompting the Castros’ dictatorship – now headed by Miguel Diaz-Canel – crush the demonstrations and cut off Internet access.

The letter in question – supposed by a total of 190 out of the 211 Republican members of the House – was written by four key Republicans: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the highest-ranking GOP member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee; Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik; House Minority Whip Steve Scalise; and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

In it, the Republicans categorically oppose the White House censorship of Facebook posts.

They declare that the Biden administration’s efforts to “pressure” private social media companies to “censor speech”, with which it disagrees, is “alarming” and an “affront to the First Amendment.”

What is more, the GOP Congress members declare that Biden’s actions in that regard are the type of behavior that would be expected “from a Cuban dictator, not” the President of the United States.

The Republicans state unconditionally that the federal government has no business policing free speech on social media as a rule.

Biden is trying to censor anyone who opposes him

Not to mention that in this particular case the White House censorship has been imposed over coronavirus “misinformation”, a highly arbitrary concept considering how information about COVID-19 has been evolving the pandemic so far.

The GOP legislators make a very strong point by reminding Biden that even the theory that the coronavirus pandemic began in a Chinese laboratory, in the city of Wuhan, was at first said to be “misinformation” whereas it has become mainstream, with growing circumstantial evidence pointing its way.

A case in hand supporting the Republicans’ letter is Joe Biden’s recent miserable appearance in a CNN town hall meeting, in which he erroneously claimed that vaccinated people cannot get COVID-19.

The GOP members of the House of Representatives concluded their letter to Biden with the blunt but extremely powerful and truthful criticism on the problem with “your censorship mission.”

Namely, that the Biden administration and the Democrats are not “attacking the First Amendment” but also, “your ‘truth’ might be wrong.”