The Department of Education and the White House staff of the Biden Administration have insisted that a radical leftist handbook imposing the vile Marxist and anti-American “critical race theory” on the nation’s innocent children was put forth in official guidance “by mistake.”

Both institutions denied advocating for critical race theory for K-12 curriculums in reactions sowing much doubt as to whether they aren’t pretending about the “error”, and aren’t covering up a covert attempt to sneak in the evil communist-style doctrine.

That would certainly have been the case if nobody had noticed.

By mistake? No. They did it on purpose

The problematic situation arose when the Department of Education issued a handbook to serve as a roadmap for the safe reopening of schools in the fall, amid the still raging coronavirus pandemic.

Somehow, however, the handbook contained a link to a “Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning” by the Abolitionist Teaching Network, a radical far-left, a Marxist group apparently for off hatred for everything American.

Thus, for example, the “Guide” in question alleges that “social and emotional learning” (SEL) could amount to a “covert form of policing” that would control and penalize black, brown, and indigenous children so that they would “adhere to white norms.”

It also says that SEL standards are based on “Eurocentric norms” whose goal is not to “empower” or “love” children from the above-mentioned racial groups.

The gradation in these allegations that Western civilization is apparently designed so that non-white children wouldn’t be loved could be a new low for malicious Marxists.

Next thing you know, and the “anti-racist” guide would probably seek to instill horror by invoking white, child-eating monsters.

After the possible attempt to sneak this CRT propaganda read into curriculums through the backdoor was caught and called out, on Wednesday, the Department of Education issued a statement to distance itself from the Abolitionist Teaching Network, declaring that its impudent “guide” had ended up in the schools reopening guidance because of an “error.”

The DOE said it did not “endorse” the group’s recommendations, and they are not reflected in the policy positions of the department.

Psaki - we do not support this groups’ recommendations

It attributed the Marxist “guide” linking to “an error in a lengthy document,” leaving concerned Americans to wonder why it wasn’t another piece of writing that could’ve been cited there by error but this one.

During her press briefing on Thursday, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki – since DOE spoke of an honest mistake – if the Biden administration has any plans to go out there and guarantee that the materials of the wannabe communists from the Abolitionist Teaching Network won’t end up in school district curriculums and lesson plans.

Psaki mostly reiterated the talking points of the DOE, claiming that the document in question was just one among “a thousand citations” in the department’s pandemic reopening guidance.

In reality, the DOE guidance contains 182 body text links and 74 endnotes, Fox News found.

Psaki then stated that the CRT guide doesn’t “represent the administration’s view” and isn’t endorsed by it.

She added that the citation has been removed or was being removed.

The White House press secretary then went for more hand washing of the potential covert attempt to sneak first-rate race-based Marxism into American schools nationwide by stating that the federal administration doesn’t “dictate” specific curriculum decisions.

So it is a good thing that the likely sneak-in attempt was caught on time – although with radical leftists becoming increasingly impudent under the guise of a president exhibiting senility signs, a lot more of those can be expected to come with the apparent goal of destroying America as well know it.