Tommy Fisher, an entrepreneur, and frequent Republican donor has constructed a 3-mile-long wall in the Rio Grande River Valley on the US border with Mexico worth $30 million and is looking for someone to buy it, hopefully, the federal government.

51-year-old Fisher finished in 2020 the construction of the private border wall, which consists of a total of 15,000 steel bollards spaced 5 inches apart, each of them 18 feet tall, Bloomberg reports.

Exhibiting untypical patriotism to protect the United States from the plight of illegal immigration and the countless threats associated with it, when he started building the border wall Fisher acted as a private citizen, albeit in harmony with the federal government under President Donald Trump.

Bad business?

He revealed he first thought of contributing towards the security of the American homeland back in 2016, precisely after Trump was elected President.

In his words, he thought that the border wall would be a project to be remembered, not unlike, for example, the Hoover Dam.

Back in 2019, We Build the Wall, another private organization of American patriots, which crowdsource to help America’s border security, paid a total of $6.9 million to Fisher Industries, Fisher’s company, for the construction of a half-mile border wall in New Mexico.

Towards the end of 2019, Fisher received another $1.5 million from “We Build the Wall” for the construction of a border wall section in Texas.

Subsequently, he stopped cooperation with the organization in question but continued the construction, which ended costing 20 times more, or a total of $30 million.

We Build the Wall itself was founded by US veteran Brian Kolfage, and co-chaired by Steve Bannon, Trump’s initial chief strategist after he entered into office as President.

According to Bloomberg, Fisher Industries later received more than $2 billion in contracts from the administration of President Trump based on its experience working with We Build the Wall.

The report notes that Fisher’s private border wall that he constructed in Texas, in the valley of the Rio Grande, has been criticized by environmentalists and locals for being too close to the river, among other things.

Lamborghini of walls

Fisher Industries was even sued by the US International Boundary and Water Commission as well as an NPO called “National Butterfly Center.”

In spite of the two lawsuits, however, Fisher continued his patriotic endeavor to build more and more of the wall against illegal immigration through the US border with Mexico.

He told Bloomberg that he considered his private wall to be the “Lamborghini” of walls, which is why somebody would want to buy it.

The report says that he particularly hopes for the federal government to take it over – especially considering the unprecedentedly high influx of illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico as the Biden administration succumbed to radical leftists, and terminated the construction of Trump’s border wall as soon as the former took office.

According to CBP data, more than 180,000 illegal immigrants managed to cross into the United States, with more than 50,000 of those through the valley of the Rio Grande, which is where Fisher’s 3-mile private wall stands proudly.