America First Legal, a new conservative group focused on legally challenging the policies of the Biden administration, which was founded by Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller, is already scoring early court victories against the radical left threatening to rip apart the fabric of American society.

During the entire presidency of President Donald Trump, conservative strategist Stephen Miller served as Senior Advisor to the President, alongside Ivanka Trump and Jarred Kushner, as well as White House Director of Speechwriting.

Legally protecting America

Miller recently founded America First Legal, which is dedicated to defending in courtrooms the America First agenda set by President Donald Trump, and of which Miller himself is a leading proponent.

America First Legal has already won a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit against the Department of Agriculture over a program providing loan forgiveness to black, Latino, Asian, and Native American farmers but not to white farmers.

The program had defined “socially disadvantaged as being subjected to ethnic or racial prejudiced, and thus white farmers who had qualifying loans were excluded on account of their race.

In another crucial early legal victory for America First Legal against a discriminatory practice, the Biden administration was ordered to end the prioritizing of certain groups when awarding funding from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

In an interview for Fox News, Miller declared both cases are efforts by the administration of Joe Biden to put into practice “critical race theory” as an actual model for the administering of government.

The Trump aide said America First Legal has a “target-rich environment” in front of itself as it will be pushing back to defend American values on a wide range of issues, ranging from critical race theory to illegal immigration.

He called both the USDA program and the Restaurant Revitalization Fund “the application of this racist philosophy” to government programs, with the “mighty power of the state” used in order to “punish or exclude people” because of their looks or who their ancestors were.

Miller emphasized that his brand new organization has already spearheaded “some of the most important litigation” in the United States, on issues that are going to “determine the future of this republic.”

According to Gene Hamilton, who is a former senior lawyer with the Justice Department, and is now part of America First Legal, one of the main strengths of the new organization is the fact that it is ready to “venture” into even the most controversial issues.

This refers to issues such as illegal immigration and critical race theory which other conservative groups might be unwilling or unable to tackle because of their donors’ wariness.

Hamilton stressed “there is an appetite” among Americans for an organization fighting for conservative values as well as representing everyday Americans’ interests, “above those corporate special interests” and “above that beltway thinking” in the DC area – an organization which would always stand up “for what folks actually believe in.”

Both Hamilton and Miller have pointed out that America First Legal as a conservative group is going to learn a lot from the practices of liberal organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Groups such as ACLU managed to debilitate many Trump administration policies just by taking it to court early and frequently, plus that was often before sympathetic judges.

America First Legal is going to copy the tactic to give the radical left a taste of its own medicine.

Miller pointed out the important difference, however: while groups such as ACLU has used the courts to block President Trump from actually enforcing the rule of law and the Constitution, America First Legal is going to use those same tactics “but in service of defending the laws” and “our Constitution.”

Besides legal action in courts, America First Legal has also filed numerous requests under the Freedom of Information Act to boost its oversight efforts.

According to Hamilton, based on the organization’s experience so far, “the future is very bright” for the group to defend America’s law, traditions, and values.