President Donald Trump has once again surpassed his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, in popularity, according to the results from a fresh poll released by pollster Rasmussen Reports.

A total of 51% of American voters were found to have a view of Joe Biden that is at least somewhat favorable.

Trump, however, is beating the Democrat President by 1%, with a total of 52% of Americans viewing him at least somewhat favorably.

Despite Big-Tech and the lies of the mainstream media

As far as unfavorable opinions are concerned, Trump is beating Biden there as well: a total of 48% of voters think negatively of Joe Biden, while 46% do so of Trump.

Rasmussen Reports says, however, that former President Barrack Obama is actually more popular than both Trump and Biden.

Obama is perceived favorably by a total of 55% of Americans, while only 26% view him very unfavorably.

The report on the poll results in question explains that a comparison of Joe Biden with his two predecessors reveals important insights in terms of demographic categories.

Thus, the current Democrat president is perceived substantially more negatively by Republicans.

Besides, in comparison to Obama, he has less support among black voters, Rasmussen Reports says.

Its survey discovered that a total of 57% of black Americans view Barack Obama very positively, compared with only 45% for his former Vice President Joe Biden.

What is even worse for Biden, however, is that a total of 19% of black voters have a very unfavorable view of him, compared with only 9% for Barack Obama.

Democrats like Trump more than Republicans like Biden

Rasmussen Reports emphasizes that the most important factor in determining the popularity of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama has proven to be party affiliation.

Biden is thus perceived favorably by a whopping 83% of Democrats, 47% of unaffiliated voters, and 20% of Republicans.

At the same time, Donald Trump is viewed positively by about this many Republicans in percentage terms: 84%; he is also perceived positively by 47% of unaffiliated voters and 27% of Democrats.

Obama’s favorable ratings are also 83% among Democrats, 51% among unaffiliated voters, and 27% among Republicans.

Rasmussen Reports conducted the survey in question among 1,000 U.S. likely voters on July 21-22, 2021.

It says the poll has an error margin of +/- 3 percentage points and a level of confidence of 95%.

Barely six months into his term, Democrat President Joe Biden is now clearly starting to show signs of declining popularity despite the overwhelming propaganda in his favor on part of the predominantly leftist and wokeist mainstream media.

Poll results aside, a true testimony to Trump’s popularity over Biden are the tens of thousands attending his rallies, while the Democrat president recently spoke before a half-empty CNN town hall.