There seems to be something “seriously wrong” with the health of Democrat President Joe Biden, and he will hardly finish his term, GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served as White House physician from 2013 until 2018, has warned.

Jackson, who represents Texas’ 13th district in the US House of Representatives was the lead physician of the White House under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, sent out an alarming tweet on Thursday over Biden’s visible lack of fitness for his job.

Mr. President, we got some bad news…

According to Jackson, who capitalized certain words in his post to add emphasis, “something is SERIOUSLY wrong” with the Democrat President.

And, what is actually worse, the ex-White House chief doctor added that this “something” is “only going to get WORSE!”

Jackson declared further that whatever is wrong with Biden, it is “past the point of embarrassment.”

“He’s lost,” the Texas GOP Congressman stated, adding that the Democrat president can hardly put together a “coherent sentence.”

Jackson finished off his assessment of Biden’s health situation by insisting that “he MUST have a cognitive exam”, and the results must be released.

Trump took the cognitive exam

The cognitive exam in question would be the same as the one that President Donald Trump, who is four years younger than Biden, took back in 2018.

In his six months as the occupant of the White House so far, 78-year-old Biden has been seen tripping on Air Force One stairwells and routinely has difficulty when speaking publicly, showing possible signs of senility.

The former White House physician later told Fox News that Joe Biden is either going to resign his post because of his health, or he will be forced out of office when his Cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Jackson further warned that if the Biden Cabinet members do not decide to go for the 25th, the Democrat president’s health might turn into a really major national security issue.

The former White House physician’s alarming Twitter post that the supposed leader of the Free World is “lost” and beyond the point of embarrassment as far as senility signs are concerned came a day after Biden’s participation in a CNN town hall meeting with a half-empty auditorium.

As he was answering the questions of CNN host Don Lemon, Biden could be seen losing his thoughts repeatedly, struggling to put together coherent sentences and paragraphs, stuttering and repeating the definite article and “uh.”

Pretty much the only time that Biden has been able to give relatively coherent speeches and answers in recent weeks have been when reading from notes, and his unscripted appearances have almost always been embarrassing for his administration and painful to watch and listen to.