The state of Texas has started to implement a new policy to arrest and jail illegal immigrants on trespassing charges in a quest to defend the territory of the United States in the absence of any will to do so on part of the Democrat administration of Joe Biden.

As soon as Biden entered the White House in January, he stopped the construction of a wall on the US – Mexican border, and his administration practically made every move possible to enable the unrestricted mass border crossings by illegal immigrants from Central America.

This has resulted in a colossal number of illegal immigrants coming to the United States, already approaching 200,000 per month in May and June.

Abbott took the matters into his own hands

In this national defense and responsibility vacuum, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has stepped in, declaring a new policy of seeking to build the border wall on its own, and to arrest and imprison illegal immigrants on charges of trespassing.

The first arrested of illegal immigrants were made by the Texas state authorities on Thursday and Friday, Fox 5 reports citing Texan law enforcement, who said that at least 10 migrants were the first to be arrested, with more on the way.

Their detention has now set in motion the plans which Abbott announced at the end of June before he welcomed President Donald Trump on a visit to the border on June 30.

Apprehended illegal immigrants are being kept at an empty state prison located in Dilley, Texas, which is about 100 miles north of Laredo, a city on the US – Mexican border, announced Texas Criminal Justice Department spokesman Robert Hurst.

In his words, the facility in Dilley will be able to fit over 950 people.

No families so far

David Martinez, Val Verde County Attorney, announced in turn that all of the illegal immigrants arrested by Texas so far are single adult males.

He stated he had information that as many as 100-200 illegal immigrants per day might have to be arrested by the Texan authorities.

Martinez noted that such large numbers could “overwhelm” not just his own office but “our entire system” rather quickly.

While most land in Texas along the US – Mexican border is private, Martinez said he believes Texas state troops would not be arresting family units.

In June 2021, US authorities met a total of 55,805 members of families with children, compared with 88,587 members of families with children in May.

Martinez’s Val Verde County that has about 50,000 residents was visited last week by Texas Governor Abbot together with his Florida Republican counterpart Ron DeSantis, and other officials.

Back then, Abbott announced that the state jail commission of Texas has figured out a way to jail a lot more people than the pre-existing levels.