President Donald Trump destroyed wokeism in US sports with scathing criticism in a two-hour speech, which attracted a massive crowd in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, and came after MLB team Cleveland Indians changed its name to “Guardians”, while US women’s soccer national team has humiliated the nation in the Tokyo Olympics.

Trump delivered a devastating critique of anti-American leftism at the Phoenix rally entitled “Protect Our Elections,” which began at about 4 pm MST.

Wokeism is making us weak

“The radical left is determined [to destroy] everything in America,” he stated in his first rally in Arizona since the 2020 election campaign, which also took place in the wake of the uncovering of election fraud and manipulations in the forensic audit of Phoenix’s Maricopa County.

Trump declared further that “woke politics takes” both the “life and joy out of everything.”

In fiery and eloquent rhetoric he deconstructed wokeism as the evil that it is; the evil that creates losers, ruins minds, and “ruins you as a person.”

Because of wokeism, “you become demented” and “wrapped”, the leader of the Republicans declared.

Trump then doubled down on his criticism of wokeism among athletes by singling out the US women’s national soccer team as a “very good example” of how wokeism is destroying sports for America.

US women’s soccer “took a knee” as a form of supposed “anti-racist” protest at the start of their Tokyo Olympics game with Sweden, which they lost 0:3.

Their “kneeling” disrespected the national anthem and their own country before the eyes of the entire world.

Americans wanted Sweden to win!

Trump, who has been a consistent critic of the team for several years, pointed out that because of their sickening wokeism, “Americans were happy” that US women’s soccer lost the game to Sweden.

Trump first took a swipe at the MLB Commissioner for moving the league’s All-Star game out of Georgia as the Georgia Republicans took measures to adopt new election integrity legislation – which the Democrats claim is restricting voting rights.

“You saw what they did!” Trump told the thousands who had flocked to see and hear him speak.

He then took apart the wokeist initiative which renamed MLB team Cleveland Indians to “Guardians.”

Trump lambasted the name change of the Cleveland Indians baseball team, another morally bankrupt and utterly absurd wokeism move, as the name supposedly offended Native Americans.

He recalled how he watched the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium as a kid, stressing the team used to be one of the “most beloved and storied” basketball franchises.

Trump told his backers that the “Cleveland Guardians” is a “terrible name”, and fans in Ohio “are going absolutely crazy” because of it.

As he ripped the “insanity of the left”, Trump stated “both Indians and baseball fans” ought to be “greatly insulted.”

Trump stated that he, “as a former baseball fan”, couldn’t believe such a “disgrace” is happening in the United States of America in the first place.