President Donald Trump has once again exposed the ill-minded “critical race theory” by calling it out for what it is: “flagrant racism, plain and simple!”

Trump took apart the radical anti-American left and some of its top weapons of mass destruction, wokeism, and “critical race” as he addressed thousands of his supporters at a mass rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday.

Speaking at the Arizona Federal Theater, the GOP leader also lambasted the Democratic Party for its “America last” ideology as opposed to his “America First.”

America Last

The America last philosophy of the Biden administration is “making a mockery of our country” both at home and abroad, Trump stated during the “Protect Our Elections” rally, which was hosted by Turning Point Action, the political action committee of TPUSA.

The outraged 45th President of the United States of America declared that our nation “shouldn’t be apologizing to the world,” as Barack Obama did.

Instead, it’s the radical leftists who should be apologizing to America, Trump insisted.

He reminded how upon entering the White House, its current occupant Joe Biden with a single stroke imposed “toxic” critical race theory on American children’s schools and on the American military.

The 45th US President referred to the first day in office of Joe Biden when the latter signed an executive order repealing the former’s ban on federal government entities and their contracts on teaching CRT.

Trump flat out lambasted the “poisonous left-wing doctrine” as nothing else but “flagrant racism, plain and simple.”

He stressed categorically that it has no place in American schools, the military, or just “in our country.”

“I ended it very rapidly,” the Republican leader said, reminding of his own “very powerful executive order.”

He added that his order was “terminated by the radical left” epitomized by Joe Biden as soon as they got in position to do so.

Trump is the main target of radical leftists

Speaking of the 2022 midterm elections, Trump vowed that a US Congress dominated by the Republican Party is going to “defund” and “ban” critical race theory “once and for all.”

Trump then destroyed Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who spoke last month in defense of instruction in critical race theory for the military.

“Can you believe it?” Trump asked rhetorically his thousands of supporters at the Phoenix rally.

He then quoted Milley as saying that he himself wanted to understand “white rage.”

The 45th President lambasted the general, saying American generals should be focused on winning wars and defeating the nation’s enemies, rather than “learning left-wing ideology.”

Trump also revealed why he will likely remain the No.1 target of the radical left: because of his patriotism as well as belief in American workers, which also applies to his entire movement, not just to himself.

He vowed to “never stop fighting for you”, as he has been doing for the past five years.

Trump reminded the huge crowd how, since the very start, he and his movement have been pitted against some of the world’s “most corrupt, powerful and entrenched forces” that can be imagined.

He went on to call out many of the members of that anti-American political alliance: the deep state, the professional political class, the Russia hoaxes, the fake news media, the communists, the globalists, the lobbyists, the socialists, the “absolutely terrible” corporate special interests, “and now”, he added, the critical race theorists.

All of those oppose “America First” because of its belief in fair trade for American workers, strong sovereign nations, strong families, and strong borders, Trump declared.