Death and other threats on part of vicious leftists against Karen Fann, the Republican President of the Arizona State Senate, have been escalating proportionately to the growing relations of 2020 election fraud in the state exposed by a forensic audit.

Two months ago, at the end of May, Fann received an envelope with suspicious white powder, an imitation of anthrax, which could have been the real thing, and the death threats against her and the members of her family have only deteriorated since then, she told The Western Journal in an interview.

Apparently, the tremendous pressure from the constant threats – and with not just the nation but the entire world watching the results from the 2020 election forensic audit – has been so much that the courageous GOP leader of the Arizona state Senate even admitted being “burned out” and wishing to retire.

Hundreds of threats

In her words, hundreds of the emails she gets on a daily basis consist of “incredibly vile hate,” with her staff letting them through to her.

Fann emphasized that the malicious hate that she is suffering gets a boost whenever the liberal leftist media launches an onslaught on her.

Largely because of that, death threats to her and her family have become a regular occurrence but are growing worse and worse.

“It’s escalated,” Fann summed it up with respect to the shocking media and personal attacks and death threats harassing her all the time for standing up for the truth and the rule of law.

She revealed that the white powder envelope, which she received a couple of months ago, and the powder inside to be turned out to be from a ground-up antihistamine, not anthrax.

Nonetheless, the shock remained.

KGB tactics

Fann explained how it is noticeable that every time the liberal media target her, that riles up “a certain segment of the population”, who go out of their way to threaten her.

For the time being, the threats have, luckily, remained just threats but with this kind of thing, just a single serious case is enough to destroy lives, literally and figuratively.

The brave Arizona Republican disclosed further that last week she received an email about how her family should die so she turned it over to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, as she does with every single threat.

Fann stressed that the heightening of political tensions and ideological strife isn’t just in Arizona but it is nationwide as well as worldwide.

She noted that, thus, threats against her have also been coming out of state, for example, from California.

The tone of Fann’s voice and her body language clearly demonstrated that she has been under a lot of pressure fending off the perfidious attacks of the radical left, especially as the forensic audit of the 2020 vote in Arizona recently exposed several egregious violations, each one of which by itself is enough to overturn the election results and to send the state – allegedly won by some 10,000 votes by Joe Biden – to President Donald Trump.