Sky News Australia and its conservative host Alan Jones are showing to the radical leftist propaganda mouthpieces previously known as America’s mainstream media what press freedom and journalistic integrity really mean as Jones calls out and takes apart Joe Biden’s miserable, seemingly senile ramblings in last week’s CNN townhall meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As he plays again and again Biden’s embarrassing stuttering and incoherent half-sentences, with the Democrat president’s thought wandering off somewhere between the Earth’s core and the wider reaches of the universe, Jones is perhaps most appalled by the fact that nobody – not the host, not anybody in the audience of the supposed townhall is calling out or challenging Biden’s apparent unfitness for office.

It is beyond regrettable that Americans have got to go to foreign news outlets to see some real and truly basic journalism, objectivity, and integrity, as none of the overwhelming leftist US media is deconstructing the extremely embarrassing segments from Biden’s CNN townhall, and many outlets aren’t even showing them.

Kids, aliens, and Covid!

Sky News Australia host Alan Jones plays several segments from that meeting showing Biden’s numerous incomplete sentences ridden with pauses and lots of broken-record repeats such as “or…or… or… or…”, “I… I… I…”, and “uh… uh… uh… uh… uh… plus “incoherent ramblings” about “men on the moon and aliens.”

After each one of them Jones – who is seemingly outraged at the thought that a person with Biden’s apparently senile condition could be “the leader of the Free World” – is mocking him by imitating him and expressing his shock over and over again.

In one of the segments, supposedly on COVID-19 vaccination, Biden gets really lost somewhere between the vaccines, aliens, and children who like to talk about them (the aliens), prompting Jones to ask, “What the hell has this got to do about anything?!”

He wonders how it is possible that at a supposed town hall meeting, Biden goes “unchallenged in his rambling!” Jones then points out how in another segment the Democrat president actually tries to explain what the question is and then “makes an appalling miss” of “answering his own question.”

In the particularly painful to watch bid, Biden fails to formulate any thoughts that make sense, eventually getting tangled up among why drugs aren’t yet permanently approved but temporarily approved – or something to that end.

The Sky News Australia host gets truly enraged by that footage.

“This is the President of the United States at a town hall meeting, and someone doesn’t say, ‘Get off the stage, you’re embarrassing the Free World and obscuring the coronavirus message’?” Jones exclaims.

He also shows several times the segment where Biden tells a member of the audience that “you’ve not gonna get” the coronavirus if you are vaccinated – which is so factually wrong that it got exposed even by CNN – since the vaccines protect against severe sickness, and do not prevent catching the virus.

Jones concludes that “this bloke”, i.e. Joe Biden, “has to be taken out of circulation” and that he “belongs in a home”, apparently a nursing home, and certainly not the home that is known as the White House.