President Donald Trump has bashed NBA star of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, who is known for his pro-wokeism stances on issues such as racism and policing, by urging him to get a sex reassignment surgery so that he can compete as a woman.

Trump targeted James during a two-hour speech that he gave on Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona, before thousands of supporters, which was hosted by TPUSA, in a rally entitled “Protect Our Elections.”

You can have him

Much of Trump’s fiery, eloquent, and lengthy speech was dedicated to devastating criticism of critical race theory as well as wokeism in American sports – against the backdrop of the US women’s soccer team “taking a knee” during the Tokyo Olympics to embarrass and humiliate their own country, and of MLB team Cleveland Indians changing their name to “Guardians.”

During his address in the Phoenix rally, the 45th President of the United States contemplated over the possibility, or, as he put it, “somebody once said that” LeBron James should have a sex reassignment surgery so that he can compete in women’s sports.

Trump wondered how good James would be on a women’s basketball team after he would “get the operation.”

America’s 45th president also stated that he would be recruiting only transgender athletes if he were a women’s sports team coach.

Trump said he was being honest about it because “we all like to win.”

This is why if he were a coach, he “wouldn’t be talking” to too many women, he said, and instead, he would be trying to get “some of these people,” apparently referring to biological males who identify as women.

Trump then bashed James further by stating that he, however, wouldn’t take LeBron James on his women’s team even if the latter did in fact transition into a transgender woman.

“LeBron James, you can have him,” declared Trump, arguing that the National Basketball Association had terrible ratings until LeBron James’ team got defeated, upon which NBA’s ratings went up.

James is dividing

This isn’t the first time that Trump has lashed out against James who has increasingly become an advocate of wokeism.

Back in April, the 45th President of the US condemned the basketball star after James sent out a tweet over the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, threatening the police officer who intervened and saved other people’s lives by telling him “you’re next” and calling him a “racist rant”.

Back then, Trump told LeBron James that the latter should concentrate more on playing basketball rather” instead of “presiding over the destruction of the NBA.”

Trump’s April statement declared that James went on “racist rants” which were divisive, insulting, demeaning, and nasty.

At the time, Trump also said that James was great as a basketball player but accused him of failing to help unify the country.