Morgan Stanley, the NYC-based investment banking giant, is instituting a de facto corporate apartheid against white men who are straight, and enshrining this systemic anti-white racism in its corporate jargon.

The specific reincarnation of the anti-white apartheid is the bank’s exclusion of white men from its program for sophomore summer internship programs.

Shame on you!

One of the epitomes of global corporate finance has shamelessly put forth a job description for its Sophomore Summer Analyst program for 2022 which would outrage any democratic, decent, and honest person out there.

It’s filled with grandiose, pretentious language about the investment bank taking pride in its promotion of diversity.

That is followed by an explanation that “one way” to do the said diversity promotion is through its Sophomore Summer Program which is about recruiting sophomores who are LGBTQ, female, Native American, Hispanic, and black.

Wall Street insiders are circulating on social media a message which is said to be a rejection by Morgan Stanley of a straight white male candidate.

The unabashed corporate apartheid letter enumerates the God-chosen categories of humans who are eligible for the bank’s program by virtue of the color of their skin and their gender and sexual preferences.

The letter brazenly and impudently declares that applicants who don’t identify with the respective categories of the human species “are unfortunately not eligible for the program.”

There’s hardly anything to be said about such a reply that one might have expected to receive from a very polite Nazi human exterminator, not from a business organization in the 21st century, in a nation that has been the world’s cradle of democracy and the global frontrunner in the fight against racism, Nazism and communism for the past 250 years.

The lefty cultural Marxists who are terrorizing Americans more and more every day thanks to their alliance with the corporate world and big tech are of course oblivious to basic human decency and justice.

As Marxists, they admire communism and subconsciously its twin Nazism, and have now designated white males, especially straight white males as an inferior human category.

The difference here, however, is that this apartheid against straight white males comes in the form of outrageously cynical corporate lingo, which is designed to seem as polite and “nice” on the outside.

Its meaning, however, its substance is nothing short of racist.

Anti-white racism is gaining pace on Wall Street, with another banking giant, Goldman Sachs recently decreed that it will only take public companies who boast non-white diversity on their corporate boards.