Every single day is bringing newer and greater harassment and terrorizing of people of white skin color in America by anti-white racists and wokeist radical leftist Marxists emboldened now even beyond their wildest dreams by the Democrat administration of Sleepy Joe Biden.

In yet another racist anti-white outburst a group of self-proclaimed evil-minded “social justice warriors” apparently designed to exact retribution and get revenge of what it considers past injustices is now harassing the white residents of two wealthy neighborhoods in Texas to force them not to send their children to prestigious colleges so that black students “can get a spot instead.”

Don’t send your kids to Ivy League!

Exhibiting the typical Marxist vices, the one experienced painfully by nations under communist rule in which merit and hard work don’t matter, just connections, party loyalty, and the right class – or race – the BLM thugs from a local organization calling itself “Dallas Justice Now” (DJN) apparently believe that admission to the nation’s top colleges and universities must be based race only. (Considering all the “affirmative action” discrimination mayhem, it already mostly is.)

The obnoxious DJN group is contacting successful white folks in the Dallas area, in the Highland Park and University Park neighborhoods, in order to try to shame them with fake accusations, telling them to commit to “sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice.”

So formulated, this latest bout of BLM harassment of white people because of the color of their skin is a striking reminder of how Lenin’s communist murderers treated not just the aristocracy of Imperial Russia but also its relatively wealthy peasants, the kulaks, before unleashing an apocalypse of mass extermination and concentration camps that killed dozens of millions of people simply because they didn’t possess the right characteristics, according to the revolutionaries.

The DJN group has sent well-off white people in Dallas a “pledge card” to sign, telling them not to send their children to the Ivy League or any of the Top 50 schools in the US News & World Report ranking, so that the spots can be left to black, “Latinx” and other marginalized students – because the latter were “denied access” to such institutions for hundreds of years.

The DJN group – which a woman named “Jamila” described in a Facebook video as a “nonprofit advocacy group” – erroneously accuses people that it doesn’t know personally, and who certainly weren’t alive during those “hundreds of years” of oppression, picking them out on the basis of skin color and their wealth.

So much for non-discrimination which means nothing if even a single group of humans is discriminated against.

“Social justice warriors”, of course, don’t seem to be, they seem to be “anti-white racism and revenge” warriors.

The DJN group doesn’t hide that.

It says it is contacting the respective people because “we understand” that “you are white” – making it sound as if being white were the most abhorrent and terrible crime there has even been in the history of the world.

This is what America has come to…

God knows what would happen to white folks if those elements ever fully seize power in the United States – and we are already getting many glimpses of that considering that the Biden administration has already taken us halfway there.

The BLM thugs from DJN are giving the wealthy white people in Dallas two options: your life or your money.

In their still somewhat discrete jargon, it sounds like that: you have to check one of two boxes – either “agree” to allow impudent, spiteful people out of nowhere to dictate your children’s education and your life, or admit that you are a “racist hypocrite.”

Racially based lawlessness and chaos in America are clearly already going berserk, and against people who committed no crime other than having white skin – apparently, that is increasingly considered a crime.

If the great American nation is to be saved, this mayhem must be stopped now – otherwise, it is rapidly becoming too late.