Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is a black gay woman, is pressing further with her racist crusade against white people as she vows to further cut out white journalists from her interviews as a way to fight “systemic racism.”

Lightfoot has already been open about her racist actions against whites, and as she met no backlash from the country’s ruling leftist, wokeist, and Marxist Democrat establishment including the mainstream media, she is now going all the way.

Lightfoot is racist

Back in May this year, Lightfoot already canceled white reporters from her exclusive interviews.

Perhaps she liked the taste of feeling powerful by denigrating an entire racial group, so now she is starting to do that again.

And all of that is happening against the backdrop of skyrocketing violent crime in Chicago, with numerous shootings in which people of color are very frequent victims.

Whenever journalists try to ask her about the crime spike, she refuses to answer, calling their questions racist.

Speaking on The NYT podcast Sway in an edition released on Monday, Lightfoot declared that she was “absolutely” going to grant interviews only to journalists who are people of color and is going to exclude people with white skin color.

“I would absolutely do it again,” Chicago’s Mayor brazenly insisted, adding even more impudently that she is “unapologetic about it” since her actions in May already caused “a very important conversation.”

Maybe she meant the conversation about revealing that many of the anti-racism crusaders from the left are vile racists themselves, just with respect to whites.

Or that they don’t count racism against white humans as racism – that is actually a pretty well-known fact by now.

Or that as true and truly evil Marxist and Commies, they only care about exploiting the weaknesses of the supposedly dominant “class” in order to bring them down and enjoy power – and don’t shy away from defining that class in racial terms, if needed.

The BLM founders have already showcased that story – from rags to riches by exploiting racially-defined “class struggle”: preach “noble” Marxism (not that it has ever been so) and get to live in mansions while the masses are busy hating each other for being “class enemies.”

It’s almost as though one is looking at the classic communist thuggish leader story – from Lenin and Stalin to Mao and Castro.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is particularly obnoxious in her unbridged anti-white racism, not to mention that she also admits her Marxist goals.

She told the Sway podcast that her objective all along has been to “disrupt the status quo.”

Then Lightfoot has the gut to state that media outlets are “critically important to our democracy.”

Lightfoot’s democracy

First, what democracy?!

The leftist wokeism and Marxism is ripping apart from the inside the United States of America, the greatest nation to have ever existed in human history, which already saved the world from Nazism and Communism.

The Marxists have dismantling American democracy from within for a while now, and are becoming more and more aggressive about it.

Second, maybe the keyword is “our” democracy.

The democracy that belongs to whoever follows the party line?

Lenin and Stalin, for that matter, also insisted that the Soviet Union was democratic, and had a notion called “democratic centralism.”

Never mind the mass murder, genocide, and terror of the class enemies.

America’s Marxists would likely love to unleash such tragedies at home and have been making progress towards getting there.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot with her open, shameless anti-white racist moves is one integral cog in that evil Marxist machine seeking to destroy American democracy, the American republic, and the American nation.