Unabashed Marxist and member of the Democratic Party’s radical left so called “Squad”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has told a small crowd in Ohio she wants to abolish “our carceral system” because she believes it is “designed to trap” men who are black and brown.

AOC, who is Democrat member of the House of Representatives from the state of New York, spoke on Monday at a small campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio in support of congressional candidate Nina Turner.

Probably the dumbest idea so far

Ocasio-Cortez also argued that she only wants justice, peace, and prosperity, the same thing that any other Marxist has wanted in history.

The end result usually is that the Marxist order, which can only be established after a “class struggle” (or a red army invasion), ends up bringing a lot more justice, peace, and prosperity for some, typically those that cling to power as well as those sporting the official party line.

Not so much for anybody else.

Thus, as the likes of AOC are seeking to ignite old-school communist-type class struggle on the basis of race and other markers of the misguided “identity politics”, the claim that the entire correctional system of the United States of America was created to “trap black and brown men” may hardly come as any wonder.

One would have to force one’s imagination to imagine how in the United States, the country that has been at the forefront of establishing the rule of law and democracy among all of humanity, a country where non-discrimination on any counts has been enshrined into law and practiced vigorously for many decades now, somehow decided to set up its entire criminal justice system to entrap black and brown men.

Not to punish those who break the law.

The solution is to turn a blind eye to crime?

Ocasio-Cortez has been advocating dramatic changes to the criminal justice and correctional system in the US to serve her own lefty visions and her political interests, as she keeps insisting that the “systemic racism” in the system is affecting unfairly black and brown people.

Her official government website states clearly her commitment to “dismantling our system” of what she claims to be “mass incarceration” and to ending what she says is the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

AOC’s goals for criminal justice reform goals contain initiatives such as legalizing marijuana on the federal level, ending cash bail, ending for-profit prisons, setting free all those incarcerated for nonviolent drug crimes, and launching independent investigations in every case of a killing by a police officer.

Ocasio-Cortez’ leftist radicalism is shared by the candidate whom she supported in Ohio, Nina Turner, who served as co-chair of the 2020 presidential campaign of Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Turner is running for the seat of Ohio’s 11th congressional district, which was vacated back in March by Marcia Fudge as the latter became the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of the Biden administration.