The first hearing on Tuesday of the 1/6 select committee of the US House of Representatives, which was compromised even before its inception as radical leftist Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stuffed it with her protégés, turned into a pathetic sob fest.

Anti-Trump Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who was specially appointed to the panel by Nancy Pelosi, and the last one to join it, began shedding tears while he was speaking to Capitol police officers testifying about the events in the national capital on January 6, 2021.

The highly partisan January 6 select committee features a total of seven Democrats and two RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, as President Donald Trump likes to call them, Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

He’s crying… so cute!

Both Kinzinger and Cheney were among the 10 GOP House members who voted in January 2021 with the Democrats to impeach President Trump on made-up, trumped-up charges.

The 1/6 select committee was left with no real Republican members after Pelosi vetoed two of the total of five nominees of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, namely, Trump allies Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks.

Responding in protest, McCarthy pulled all five Republicans, leaving the committee with the two “Pelosi Republicans” instead.

While Cheney was among the eight original appointees by Pelosi, the House Speaker added Kinzinger to the panel only after the GOP boycott.

Both of the Pelosi Republicans took center stage during the House committee hearing on Tuesday, with a choking-up Kinzinger pathetically thanking the present Capitol police officers for their service – apparently having no intention whatsoever to tackle the question raised by President Trump in yesterday’s statement as to why Pelosi refused additional security for the building on January 6.

Both Kinzinger and Cheney hypocritically hugged the police officers in the hearing.

The former said he had expected the hearing to be “quite emotional” for him, and added that he had become acquainted with many of the Capitol police officers in the aftermath of January 6.

Kinzinger’s pathetic performance also featured him blurting a weird phrase to the police officers: “You guys won.”

Cheney in turn went on a tirade about the threat to “our constitutional order”, warning that “Capitol riots” might start to occur every four years disputing the peaceful transfer of power.

The ultra-partisan panel’s hearing featured the showing of 1/6 video footage, with the Democrats trying to prove their point that the alleged rioters were in fact trying to overthrow the US government.

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, who is the chair of Pelosi’s personal House select committee, tried to drive this main point home in his opening statement.

Even though Democrat Joe Biden now occupies the White House and a new Democrat-dominated Congress assumed office the same time as Biden did, as per the constitutional arrangement – despite the numerous reports of large-scale voter fraud in November 2020 – Thompson somehow kept insisting that “a peaceful transfer of power” in fact “did not happen this year.”

He also alleged that “the rioters” came “organized” and “ready for a fight”, and “came close to succeeding.”

The first day of the wholly partisan 1/6 House select committee left no doubt that the panel will be just another platform for vile leftist, anti-Trump, and anti-conservative propaganda designed to paint the Republicans in the darkest colors possible in the eyes of the American public.

Against the backdrop of all the shameless abuses and massive incompetence of the Pelosi-led Congress and the administration of Joe Biden that scenario would hardly succeed.