Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones, a young Democrat already involved in other scandals, has spent hundreds of dollars from campaign funds at a strip club, with him shamelessly defending the spending on a “meeting” warranting no further explanation.

Jones was born in 1995.

When elected in 2016, he because the youngest representative in the history of the Michigan legislature.

According to the campaign finance report, which was reviewed on Monday by The Detroit News, Jones reported spending a total of $221 from his campaign funds at the Pantheion Club, which is a strip club, on March 8, 2021.

Spent your money

The scandalous young Democrat told the news site that the establishment in question had “great lamb chops” and a “lounge” atmosphere and that he was obliged to meet people “where they’re at” because of his job as a state legislator.

Jones argued there was “no need to explain the transactions” and that he “picked up the tab” at the meetings in question.

The report reveals further that the inspirational young Democrat has spent over $6,400 already this year at restaurants and lounges on “meetings.”

That includes tossing a total of $696 at a Las Vegas venue, the Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in Las Vegas, for a “meeting” on March 22.

Simon Schuster, who is the executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, an NPO, is quoted as saying that “this sort of spending” on “meetings” isn’t uncommon among state legislators.

26-year-old Democrat and Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones has already stirred a fair share of other scandals for his young age, including trouble with the law.

Back in 2018, he was pulled over by traffic police for speeding and an obstructed license plate, which led to a misdemeanor charge.

He was sober at the time of the traffic stop.

More recently, in April 2021, however, the young hope of the Democratic Party in the state of Michigan was arrested under embarrassing circumstances with a woman, both their pants pulled down, as a result of a traffic accident.

Jones was charged with drunk driving but to give his scandalous behavior some nice political overtones, he threatened the police officers that he was going to make a phone call to “Big Gretch” – who would be the notorious Democrat Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

The talented young Democratic man also told the police officers that he is the one running the budget of the police budget of the state of Michigan – another case of lefty thinking he is above the law.

Jones is also accused of struggling with troopers before making those unveiled threats.

He was in court last week for violating his bond, with the judge warning him that if he violates his bond once again, he is going to jail.