Acting on behalf of big tech’s radical leftist liberalism, Twitter has continued its outrageous censorship crackdown against freedom of speech, truth, and democracy, this time by banning an account belonging to the forensic audit of the 2020 elections in the state of Arizona.

There should be, of course, little wonder considering how Twitter censored for life Donald Trump, the President of the United States and the leader of the (formerly) Free World.

Apparently, everything conservative and/or Republican must be destroyed according to Twitter and the rest of the big tech corporations because it stands in the way of a full, all-out totalitarian dictatorship by the Marxist left.

Twitter continues acting nazi

It doesn’t matter whether they are right, true, or legal: all things conservative are now getting put to the censorship sword in big tech’s anti-truth wokeist, leftist crusade.

Again, all of this was expected – Twitter did dare ban the President of the United States (and its most popular user of all time) – why wouldn’t it ban anybody on a whim?

The innocent conservative, truth- and justice-seeking victims this time are those involved in the first-of-its-kind effort to establish the truthfulness of the 2020 election result, the unique forensic audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County, which encompasses the city of Phoenix.

In fact, not one but two accounts that have been sharing information from the forensic election audit in Arizona have been banned by the ubiquitous leftist censorship tool that is Twitter.

The first account is “Maricopa Arizona Audit” (@ArizonaAudit), and the second one is “Audit War Room” (@AuditWarRoom).

An attempt to access either of them leads to an inscription stating that the account has been “suspended” by Twitter for violating the “Twitter Rules.”

That is, for standing up for the truth and for striving to be a conservative, a patriot, and a defender of the American traditions and values of freedom and democracy. You are next

News about the banning of the Arizona election audit by Twitter was tweeted by state Sen. Wendy Rogers, a member of the Arizona legislature.

“I will be next,” Rogers wrote ominously, evidently aware by now of the perfidious arbitrariness of Twitter’s leftist censorship.

She also told her followers to follow her on Telegram and Gab “when I get booted,” knowing that he ban is a matter of “when”, not “if”.

To make the situation worse for true American patriots and truth-seekers, however, multiple reports began to emerge that Twitter is also suspending other accounts sharing information about intentions to perform forensic audits in other states besides Arizona.

The accounts in question have been informed about the efforts to carry out forensic audits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada, which, together with Arizona were among the key swing states giving the 2020 election victory to Joe Biden – at least according to the extremely doubtful official results.

Coincidentally – or not, this latest Twitter censorship outburst against the forensic audit efforts not just in Arizona – which is the furthest ahead in the process, having already discovered enormous, outrageous violations revealing Trump’s actual victory – but also in several other states, has occurred on the same day as the launch of leftist leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan January 6 select committee trying to pin the Capitol events entirely on Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Back in April 2021, Twitter also banned conservative truth-seeking group Project Veritas, which is now suing the big tech censor.

In effect, Twitter is playing the long cover-up game, seeking to silence everybody who has evidence about the 2020 fraud.