A staggering 87% of those illegal immigrants who have been released to go freely inside the US without a court date haven’t even bothered to report at an office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement as they were ordered to when they were let go, a new report reveals.

Thus, only 13% of some 50,000 illegal immigrants who were let go inside the country and told to report at an ICE office later, have actually done so.

It’s on Biden

Apparently, committing a crime against the United States of America by crossing the country’s sovereign border illegally was not enough for those people, they have decided to disrespect their welcome even further.

Of course, the Central American immigrants are hardly to blame here.

The real culprit is the radical leftist and wokeist administration of seemingly senile Democrat Joe Biden that has shown that America’s sovereignty, laws, and rules mean nothing, and that the entire government of the United States, the richest and most powerful country in the world, has been hijacked and put to work in service of the wokeist and critical race theory agenda.

According to a report by Axios, some 50,000 illegal immigrants in question were handed lists of ICE office contacts and addresses around the country and ordered to show up at one of them once they reach their destination to apply for work permits.

Only about 6,700 have done so, however, says the report, which cites Department of Homeland Security data.

A total of 16,000 of those illegal immigrants who have failed to report to ICE so far have exceeded the 60-day period that was granted to them for reporting when they were captured and then set free inside the country.

The other 27,000 who are yet to report to ICE are still within their respective 60-day reporting window.

Against that backdrop, Meira Bernstein, a spokesperson for the DHS, told Axios that some of the illegal immigrants are actually being proactive in reaching out to ICE in order to start their official immigration processing, which includes receiving a Notice to Appear.

She pointed out that anybody who doesn’t report, not unlike any person in the US without legal status, is “subjected to removal by ICE.”

The shocking percentage and the absolute number of illegals who fail to report to the ICE offices has been revealed against the backdrop of a growing number of migrants getting released at the border by the administration of Joe Biden, thus flooding the country.

According to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), a total of 7,300 migrants have been released in the past week in the Rio Grande Valley region without receiving a court date.

He added that a total of 55,000 illegal immigrants have been allowed to roam free inside the US since March.

Data from Customs and Border Protection shows that so far in the fiscal year 2021 (Oct. 1, 2020 – Sept. 30, 2021) there have been a whopping 1,078,226 encounters of illegal immigrants crossing the US – Mexican border, which is a staggering increase of 102% compared with the 2020 fiscal year.

The Biden administration has opened the gates to flood the United States with illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, apparently thinking it is supplying the Democratic Party with numerous future voters.

That is a very risky game considering the destabilizing impact of illegal immigration which is already wreaking havoc on numerous American communities.