“Badakathkar,” “kitchen table,” and “Truinternabbenaldapressa.” These are among President Joe Biden’s greatest hits. We can all listen to them on repeat for hours, laughing hysterically at someone’s senile grandfather trying to piece together sounds into words as if his vocal cords have aged in reverse. The Curious Case of Joey Buttons. Well, at least it’s funny until you have that terrifying moment of clarity when you realize an old man on sabbatical from a nursing home is the leader of the free world.

Earlier today, July 25, a reporter made the grave mistake of asking our Mumbler-in-Chief a question about immigration, to which our fearless leader seemingly replied, “My butt’s been wiped.”

Thanks for the information, Joe. We’re sure Corn Pop is proud of you! Just remember to pull up your big-boy pants.

Gaffes That Keep on Coming

In all seriousness, Joe Biden is a man who has dementia and says ridiculous things. However, he was also forced to be our president after five states suspiciously stopped counting the vote, only to wake up the next morning with Biden leading everywhere. Our expert PIs are still trying to find out where “4 a.m. County” is located.

To Joe Biden’s credit, the question asked, to which he responded that his butt’s been wiped, was pretty crappy anyway: “Does immigration need to be in reconciliation? A pathway for citizenship?”

Why don’t you just ask him how enchanting it must be to be in the White House, like they did for Obama? What kind of question is that? Nothing about the fact they’re illegals, or coming all the way from Africa, or the fact they’re not vaccinated when the government is trying to force it on America’s citizens? At this point, the farce is only worthy of watching for the laugh.

No matter what you’re doing when you read this, take a minute to applaud President Biden for his greatest accomplishment yet: walking out with a wiped butt.