America is a country that’s very divided now. Things like COVID, the vaccine, and who’s to blame for it all have really polarized us. While the bulk of America’s mainstream media paint Trump the villain, liberal Democrats get away with murder. Literally. Single-handedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of senior citizens, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will not be charged—or even investigated—for what is the clearest cut case of elder abuse in the nation’s history.

The Department of Justice has flatly declined to pursue an investigation against Cuomo, likely too busy figuring out how to impeach Donald Trump for a third time or carving out special “entrapment” exclusions for FBI agents who designed the kidnapping plot for Gretchen Whitmer to paint people as radical extremists.

One Bad Hombre

Andrew Cuomo gave the order, clear-headed and concise, to send patients back to nursing homes after they tested positive for COVID-19. There are no excuses here. The timeline tells the tale. He did this after it was already known just how contagious the novel virus was. In fact, at the time, Andy was busy praising Trump for doing such a great job with COVID, in the “way back” machine before he was told to bury Trump to help Biden “win” an election. Media were more upset with Cuomo for admitting Trump did a good job than for sending infected seniors back into a closed-quarter environment, where the virus spread like wildfire.

After seniors started passing away, Cuomo turned on Trump to scapegoat him, only after blaming nurses. He may have even blamed his brother Chris at some point, but he never took any blame himself. And why would he? Not only did the entire media apparatus cover up this heinous crime, but the entire federal government is turning a blind eye to this atrocity.