California’s lockdown-loving Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has a very tough recall vote ahead as a new survey from a pro-liberal pollster has found that voters are evenly divided on whether to get rid of him.

The top Republican candidate to replace the embattled Newsom in the special election to be held on September 14 is Larry Elder, the conservative talk show host.

A new poll by the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley, which was co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, has found that a total of 50% of those likely to vote in the recall election this fall support Newsom but 47% want him voted out of office.

Cali is Democrat

The difference between the pro-Newsom and anti-Newsom camps is “just shy of” the 3% margin of statistical error of the survey.

The Los Angeles Times points out that the poll results “dispel the notion” that Newsom might enjoy having an “impenetrable shield” in the recall election simply due to California’s overall solid Democratic majority.

The LA Times emphasizes further that the poll findings “reveal a vulnerability” since the recall effort has “energized” the Republicans while many Democrats and independents are reacting to it “with indifference.”

This spring a recall petition to remove Newsom from office surpassed the total of 1.5 million signatures required for holding the vote, after in December 2020, the “Recall Gavin Newsom” campaign won a court case allowing the extension of the signature collecting past the November 17, 2020 deadline due to the pandemic.

Newsom made several crucial political mistakes that brought about the recall effort, including the total lockdown of the entire state of California early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. Then in November 2020, he put an “emergency brake” on the reopening economy, placing 41 out of a total of 58 counties, with a population of 37 million people, among those with the most restrictive measures in the country.

Shortly after a scandal broke out when Newsom and his wife went to a birthday party for a lobbyist friend with about a dozen guests at an expensive French restaurant in Napa, to the north of San Francisco.

After that, he admitted it was a mistake.

In July 2021, Newsom decreed the lockdown of some businesses in a total of 19 California counties – while his own Napa Valley winery and tasting room remained open.

They were excluded from the restrictions because Madera County was not included in the lockdown list.

California’s Democrat governor also owns stock in a business called PlumpJack Group, whose portfolio also includes winey located in Oakville in Napa Valley.