When Joe Biden was at a televised town hall on CNN back on Wednesday, July 21, we saw more or less what we’ve all come to expect from him: incoherent ramblings and mumblings, lies and misstatements galore and a supine and suppliant media willing to do anything to defend him.

We could focus on any number of whopping lies and troubling verbal stumbles that Biden made that night, for there was certainly no shortage of either, but one of Biden’s statements is so flabbergasting and insane that it deserves special attention.

This was Biden’s statement to CNN’s Don Lemon that Lemon is, “one of the most informed journalists in the country.” While this statement certainly comports with Lemon’s narcissistic view of himself, it’s hilariously divorced from reality, and here are only a few reasons why.

Don Lemon Is a Disgrace to Journalism

  1. Back in August 2017, Lemon had the audacity to claim — with no evidence whatsoever — that Donald Trump had “early-onset dementia.” Now, despite Biden’s obvious inability to construct a coherent sentence, he refuses to even entertain the same possibility for Biden.

  2. Last July, Lemon tried gaslighting his audience by saying that there was no BLM and Antifa-led urban chaos and rioting going on in many of America’s major cities. There were mountains of video evidence of exactly that going on, but Lemon continued to insist that a “right-wing media machine” simply made up that claim.

  1. Lemon actually fell for Jussie Smollet’s staged and obviously fake “hate crime.” Like so many others on the left, he believed the hoax and turned off his critical faculties because he wanted Smollet’s accusations to be true. No one who fell for that deserves to ever be taken seriously again.

  2. Lemon was stupid enough to believe — or dishonest enough to claim to believe — that Antifa is just a group dedicated to fighting “Nazis” and “fascists.”

  3. Lemon continues to deny that Critical Race Theory is even being taught in schools, even though it clearly is.

There are many more things we could list, but Don Lemon is clearly not a serious journalist. It’s debatable whether there are many people left who watch his show for any reason other than to laugh at him.