After repeatedly shutting down his state and wrecking its economy, liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom is finally having his constituents rise up against him. With a recall election scheduled for later in 2021, the patriotic conservative base of the nation’s largest state is getting ready to make its voice heard by the Sacramento elite. Republicans across California have been tirelessly organizing to get the tyrannical governor kicked out of office and replaced with a more sane alternative.

Newsom’s West Coast Dictatorship

After the virus flew into California from China, Gavin Newsom had a tyrannical panic attack. He suddenly decided that he has the power to control everything Californians do in their lives, from working to leaving their home to eating. With a stroke of a pen, Newsom descended California into communist repression.

He declared “stay-at-home orders” to lock Californians in their homes and closed down countless small businesses. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom himself took his liberty to dine carelessly at the famous French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley, while everyone else was barred from eating out. This kind of hypocrisy is unbecoming of his office. Worst of all, Gavin Newsom’s COVID tyranny did nothing epidemiologically, as the state registered tens of thousands of cases per day in the winter.

The Riverside GOP Gets Moving

Local Republican organizations are mobilizing to get Californians to oust Dictator Newsom as the recall election quickly approaches. In Riverside, the local GOP held a large event to introduce some of the recall candidates and to spread their message.

Many local media figures were present, including Don Dix of AM 590. Additionally, other GOP candidates such as Eric Early, who is vying to be the next attorney general of California, were present. Events like this are a productive method to get out the conservative vote and save California from left-wing authoritarian rule.