The Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who has been acting as a de facto empress of the virulent far-left seeking to take over the nation, has now committed a new outrage by called the leader of the House Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, “a moron.”

Pelosi’s shameless insult against House Minority Leader McCarthy came on Wednesday after he commented on the new CDC recommendation that fully vaccinated people once again start wearing face masks to protect themselves and others against COVID-19.

“He’s such a moron”

Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) declared that the CDC’s decision to bring masks back is “not… based on science” but is instead “conjured up” by those that he called out as “liberal government officials” wishing to keep living “in a perpetual pandemic state.”

“He’s such a moron,” Pelosi responded to reporters, as cited by Fox News, when asked for a reaction to McCarthy’s comment.

The report doesn’t reveal at what point during the day on Wednesday Pelosi gravely insulted McCarthy.

One of her public appearances during the day included addressing a climate change event at the US Capitol for “transformational investments” in US clean jobs.

Apparently, America’s self-proclaimed, lawless far-left Empress has no problem insulting members of the House of Representatives of the United States, not to mention the chamber leader of the opposition party.

To top it all off Pelosi’s chief spokesman, Drew Hammil, doubled down by affirming the “moron” comment regarding McCarthy.

He tweeted that he couldn’t verify an audit bit which caught Pelosi calling the House GOP leader “a moron” but he said he “can confirm” the House Speaker considers McCarthy’s comment – that the new CDC mask mandate for the fully vaccinated is not based on science – to be “moronic.”

Pelosi leads to tyranny

While political opponents – or outright enemies – could not be expected to like one another, in a democracy led by responsible politicians, they are universally expected to show respect for the other side and its freedom of persuasion, or in the very least to stay civil towards each other and keep their cool and their good manners.

That is a point seemingly completely lost to Nancy Pelosi who has turned partisanship into a cult and has been working to undermine and sabotage American democracy at every single opportunity possible.

And while a slip of tongue or sometimes even an honestly spiteful comment or insult against a political enemy could be understood in the highest echelons of power, it is simply unbelievable that after that the high-ranking official from Pelosi’s office is not even trying to deny the insult but is instead doubling down on it.

Apparently, the far left and its spearheads have lost all sense of civility and decency in their quest for absolute power and the destruction of any opposition to their ill-begotten power push.

Pelosi’s basic behavioral logic is pretty clear: why demonstrate any respect for a political opponent such as McCarthy, why show any respect to anybody when they simply are beneath you, the Empress of wokeist leftism seeking to decide the fate of hundreds of millions of Americans on all her own.