66-year-old Ed Buck, a famous California donor of the Democratic Party and gay rights activist, was found guilty on Tuesday of 9 felonies, including the injecting of gay men with drugs in exchange for sex, which led to two overdose deaths.

While a date for his sentencing hasn’t been scheduled yet, the prominent Democrat donor faces life in prison.

Many other of the victims of the debauched California Democrat also overdosed as a result of his twisted sex-for-drugs fetish.

Sick and twisted old man

Buck was arrested in September 2019, after in 2017, one of his victims, 26-year-old Gemmel Moore died of an overdose in the gay rights activists’ apartment in West Hollywood, and another, 55-year-old Timothy Dead, died 18 months later.

Buck himself has pleaded not guilty of all charges and has insisted that his victims OD-ed because they were drug addicts.

LaTisha Nixon, the mother of 26-year-old Moore, described the verdict of the wealthy Democrat donor as “bittersweet” and a “victory.”

Buck’s trial took two weeks, and the jury deliberated for over two hours before announcing the guilty verdict.

According to the prosecution, the Democrat donor and gay rights activist paid black men with money and drugs in exchange for sex acts.

He hunted for sex partners online using the term “PnP” which means “party and play”, which in turn translates into using methamphetamines and having sex.

Survivors from Buck’s sick debauchery testified that the Democrat donor had a shocking fetish of injecting drugs into his sex partners before the intercourse.

After the 2017 death of Moore, who was working as an escort, activists would urge the police to act and would stage protests outside his apartment.

He wasn’t arrested even after the death of Dean, himself a porn star, 18 months later.

Buck’s arrest came 9 months after the latter case, but only after another of his perverted sex game victims overdosed and nearly died.

Democrats loved him!

In her closing statements on Friday, Lindsay Bailey, Assistant US Attorney, revealed that Buck used to “find desolate, vulnerable victims” and would then “push meth” on them “over and over” to the point of them becoming “unconscious.”

What the Democrat donor and gay rights activists really liked about his sick play was the power he felt over his victims, which made him feel sexual gratification.

Bailey said that every time when Buck stuck a needle in some of his victims, “he was playing God,” and he didn’t even consider stopping his sick perversions even after killing two men.

Witnesses who testified in the trial were categorical that the wealthy Democrat donor evaded criminal charges for many years thanks to his political ties as well as his wealth and race, plus his activism in gay and animal rights causes.

According to The NYT, between 2005 and 2017, Buck’s donations to Democrat politicians and causes amounted to $433,500.

Reports quote some of Buck’s friends as saying that he wasn’t that much of a major political force but instead liked to project influence behind the scenes.

Photos on his Facebook page show the debauched, sick pervert killer together with Hillary Clinton, Democrat US House members Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff, and former California governor Jerry Brown.