The highly duplicitous and perfidious ways of the Biden administration – which is slapping lockdowns and mask mandates left and right on Americans while letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal COVID-risk immigrants – have now been laid bare as two whistleblowing officials revealed they were told to cover up a coronavirus outbreak at a migrant children’s camp.

The two whistleblowers accused the Department of Health and Human Services of telling them to downplay the gravity of the COVID-19 infections among illegal immigrant children at an emergency intake site called Fort Bliss, a federally-owned facility near El Paso, Texas.

They don’t care about kids lives, they only care about power/votes

The whistleblowers in question are a Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service director, Arthur Pearlstein, and a Social Security Administration attorney-adviser, Lauren Reinhold.

Both are “career federal civil servants” who described themselves as “whistleblowers”.

They served as “volunteer detailees at the migrant children’s camp near El Paso, Texas, from April until June of this year.

Pearlstein and Reinhold revealed the attempt of the Democrat administration to hide the migrant children’s COVID-19 outbreak in detail in an open letter that they submitted to a total of four government institutions, including both Congressional committees and government watchdogs.

According to their account, the coronavirus outbreak in the children’s camp erupted between April and June 2021.

Their letter explains in detail that “hundreds of children” got infected with COVID-19 in the overcrowded facility, with the contagion spreading to many of the camp’s US employees as a result.

In their report to the government watchdogs and congressional committees, Reinhold and Pearlstein reveal the truth that “every effort was made” in order to “downplay the degree” of the COVID-19 outbreak among the Central American and Mexican children housed at “Fort Bliss.”

They inform further that the scope of the outbreak was “kept under wraps” on purpose.

The whistleblower duo also reveals that the children staying in the camp’s tents weren’t provided with N95 masks but only with basic disposable masks and that there was no consistent effort to even enforce the use of face masks.

One manager of the site even declared masks to be unnecessary for the infected children despite the fact that uninfected US staffers work alongside them.

In their letter, Pearlstein and Reinhold disclose events from a town hall session with detailees in which a senior Public Health Service manager refused to reveal how many illegal immigrant children were infected with COVID-19 in the camp near El Paso.

The official made it clear that was because of fears that the media would blow the outbreak story wide open.

The manager is quoted as saying that if the graph of the camp infections makes it to The Washington Post, it will become “the one thing” that “we’ll be dealing with,” since “politics” and “perception” “will take over.”

Inhuman conditions

A recent court filing reported by CNN informs that a total of 327 children were in medical isolation in Fort Bliss as of July 12 as a result of contracting COVID-19.

The facility itself admitted that several children have had to be hospitalized.

The two whistleblowers also exposed other issues in the Fort Bliss camp for illegal immigrant children, such as the shortage of clothes and especially underwear, with most boys having only a single pair of underwear, while some had none.

Pearlstein and Reinhold said further there was “anxiety” running high among the migrant children in the El Paso camp amid uncertainty and mismanagement by private contractors.

They described other concerning episodes from the life in Fort Bliss such as construction workers “lewdly and loudly” gawking at girls housed there.

When the whistleblowers tried to report sexual harassment cases, the managers simply “resisted taking their complaints.”

Other embarrassing details provided by Pearlstein and Reinhold speaking of numerous cases of loading migrant children onto buses and planes and then telling them it was by mistake and sending them back to the unaptly named “Fort Bliss.”

They revealed that when they as volunteers were completing their terms at the facility, the HHS Public Affairs Office instructed them to speak of their Fort Bliss experience as only positive, and to “play down anything negative.”

The sick game that the administration of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are playing with illegal immigrants and especially with migrant children has now officially been revealed to be a huge public health risk, egregious mistreatment of the children themselves, a purveyor of covertness and secretiveness in the federal government, and overall a tremendous embarrassment for the United States of America – without mentioning the cost to the American taxpayers.