House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again acted out in her self-perceived role as an empress of the liberal left in the United States – or perhaps as a Nazi gauleiter – by imposing on the US Capitol such a stringent mandate on mask wearing that a person who might be maskless for whatever reason might end in handcuffs.

Pelosi’s new policy on obligatory masks inside the US Capitol is based on the latest recommendation of the CDC, and is enshrined in a directive signed by J. Thomas Manger, the US Capitol Police Chief.

Cuba-style repression

The directive on “mandatory wearing of masks at all times on Capitol grounds” was released on Wednesday as part of a bulleting published by the police of the US Capitol.

It offers detailed instructions on how the Capitol police will handle anybody – be it a member of Congress, Congress staffers or visitors – who might happen not to be wearing masks.

The draconian measures on mandatory masks in the Capitol imposed by Pelosi through the police chief apply to every human soul regardless of vaccination status.

The directive cites the new CDC guidance on wearing masks from July 27, and states a recommendation by the Office of Attending Physician (OAP) that it be applied on the Capitol grounds.

The instructions appear needlessly ruthless especially considering that the CDC has reversed its previous guidance, under which fully vaccinated people weren’t required to wear masks indoors.

Capitol Police Chief Manger’s directive, behind which is the long, screechy arm of the omnipotent House Speaker, doesn’t just apply to police officers in spite of its title which at first creates such an impression since its mentions the words “USCP Personnel.”

According to the directive in the Capitol Police bulletin, the way the mask mandate will be enforced with respect to you depends on who you might be.

Members of Congress at least would not be subject to arrests if they fail to wear a mask but should nonetheless be reported to the office of the House Sergeant at Arms if they are asked to wear one and explicitly refuse to do so.

However, Capitol staffers and visitors may end up being in lots of trouble if they refuse to wear masks.

Pelosi is a moron

The first measure in that case is a denial of entry or a request to leave.

Whoever doesn’t comply right away will be arrested “for unlawful entry” of the US Capitol under “DC Code.”

The mind boggles as to how the non-wearing of a mask can be equated to “unlawful entry” but apparently this is the will of the liberal almighty House Speaker.

The only exception in this case are staffers who are accompanying a non-mask wearing Member of Congress.

In that case, the respective staffers would not be arrested for failing to wear a mask, apparently so as not to cause a great scene.

They will, however, be reported right away to a supervisor, who “will, in turn, refer” the case to the House Sergeant at Arms.

The lesser question with respect to Pelosi’s brutal intra-Capitol mask mandate is why she deems it a good idea to turn the Capitol police officers into “mask guardians” instead of focusing of the wider security of the building and its grounds.

The bigger question is how it has come to that to have radical leftist Nazi-type gauleiters play on a whim with the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Of course, instead of showing respect for the arguments of her main political opponent, Pelosi called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “a moron”, everything can be expected from the self-styled empress of the left.