“Popular” New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been on the receiving end of some intense backlash on social media, after criticizing the bipartisan group of Senators regarding their skin color, after they helped advance the infrastructure bill onto its next stage.

AOC tweeted an image from MSNBC that showed pictures of the main Senators who were behind the bill’s push, all of whom were white from both sides of the Senate.

However, AOC stated that these bipartisan agreements are “just defined by people who agree to exclude than include.”

The vote

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to move the Biden administration’s proposed infrastructure bill onto its next stage, after weeks of stop and start negotiations between the administration and Senators.

The move comes after the White House was able to come to an agreement with the bipartisan group of Senators to alter some of the major keys in the legislation, whilst still aligning with the administration’s agenda.

The infrastructure bill, which is believed to be worth around $1 trillion, passed through the Senate by 67-32, however it is unknown whether or not there will be enough Republicans to support it following its next stage.

Earlier in the month, AOC claimed that Democrat “progressives” would “tank” the Biden infrastructure bill if the Senate refused to pass another spending bill that would include provisions regarding the issue of climate change, jobs, and other issues that “progressives” value.

However, President Joe Biden labeled Wednesday’s vote as a “historic day” for the country.

The AOC criticism

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush were quick to post stills of the Senators photos, that depicted them all as white, with the pair initially received support for their comments from their supporters, believing that the bill doesn’t go far enough to address the issue of climate change.

However, criticizing the supposed lack of racial diversity will only get the Representatives so far.

Critics of the comments made by Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter stated that the infrastructure bill needs to be judged based on its merits and issues, not by the skin color of those who helped push it over the line.

Mark Hemmingway, one of the senior writers at RealClearInvestigations, stated that her so-called argument wasn’t valid.

He stated that it was “pure ad hominem” and does not address the potential flaws of the bill itself.

Her office is yet to respond. It may take a while…