Spewing out radical commie rhetoric while grinning widely at supposed fans and running away from actual journalists and tough questions is no easy business.

AOC has proven this much as she barely made a successful getaway from a Project Veritas journalist pretending to be a passionate fan of hers in a ludicrous scene where the radical leftist ends up fleeing with her grin as her praetorians swoop in to rescue her from the truth.

Almost as good as a prank!

So much about the rhetoric and behavior of Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is ludicrous that she could be a constant source of entertainment, had she not been an actual elected federal legislator with the actual power to ruin the lives of many of her fellow Americans, a power that she, to be fair, regularly utilizes to try to achieve that goal.

The latest ridiculous, or, rather, hilarious, act occurred on July 24, 2021, when a journalist from Project Veritas, the conservative truth-seeking group, pretended to be a fan of AOC dying to take a photo with her just so he could approach her and ask her some hard questions.

The setup caught on video works perfectly, completely catching the wide-grinning wokeist Marxist off guard but doesn’t achieve much in terms of getting answers out of her because of the intervention of her praetorian guard of staffers and bodyguards as soon as the PV journalist reveals himself.

The journalist completely throws off the NY Representative by showing up and stating he just “drove one hour”, and asking, “if I could, please…” making it clear he wants to take a photo.

The journalist from Project Veritas is black, which doubles AOC’s shock and awe as the radical leftists consider all people of color to be their electorate by default and routinely ridicule black conservatives such as eloquent South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

As the pretend fan is about to take a photo with the welcoming and smiling Ocasio-Cortez he states that he “just drove one hour” only “to let you know” “I am a journalist” with PV.

AOC is clearly taken aback, doesn’t know how to react, and at first, probably doesn’t even realize what is happened – it is so unexpected for her to have bested like that.

She only manages to mumble, “Oh… okay….” And keeps standing there with her stupid grin.

The PV journalist then manages to state that he’d like to ask her about some comments she made about Project Veritas.

Right about this point, AOC’s staffers and bodyguards swoop right in, barely 1-2 seconds after the journalist reveals himself, and the still clueless NY Rep is taken to get into a car.

The journalist from Project Veritas keeps throwing questions at AOC in a loud voice while she is still around, but her radical leftist, wide-grinning getaway is quick, and no replies follow.

The journalist asks if AOC saw how PV exposed CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester for pushing propaganda and bias.

The PV video of AOC’s embarrassing escape from the truth then shows a secret tape of Chester admitted that CNN is making propaganda as it created a story it didn’t know anything about.

As AOC’s car is still there, the PV journalist manages to yell more questions.

He notes that Ocasio-Cortez already said some stuff about Project Veritas online.

He referred to a tweet in which she claims that PV got half a million in public money which black-owned small businesses were shut out from PPP loans, and she also ridicules Mamaroneck, the New York state town where PV is based.

By this point, AOC has been inside her car for dozens of seconds, and her staffers are keeping the PV journalist at bay by telling him, “Thank you so much, thank you so much!”

The journalist manages to yell another question on whether AOC actually lives in the Bronx where she claims to be from or is just pretending to do so.

The PV video then plays a brief segment from one of its investigations showing how people in the Bronx haven’t seen AOC going there at all.

As the car of the elected official drives away, the journalist is seen telling her bodyguard who remains behind that when elected representatives are hiding behind their “fame” and refuses to “stand and be accountable,” then “this is the only recourse” truth-seekers have.