“F*ck them!” is a sophisticated phrase that has come out of the artistic mouth of “master painter”, energy expert of the post-Soviet space, and offspring of the president of the United States of America, Hunter Biden.

“F*ck them!” for daring to doubt his and daddy Sleepy Joe Biden’s dealings, wondering how come a completely unknown painter is selling his completely unknown work for $500,000 a piece.

Could it perhaps be in exchange for political favors, settling political debts, or something else highly questionable among all the other scandals surrounding the Biden family?

“F*ck them!” for daring to wonder, ask questions, or criticize.

Leftist – socialist, communist, and Marxist – leaders around the world have set probably the most resilient political pattern of immunity and impunity for their offspring, so why should Hunter be any different?

“F*ck them!” is the phrase, or sentence that Hunter Biden uses to react to a question by a reporter in a telephone interview whose audio was uploaded on Rumble.

Nothing short of ‘F*ck them!’

The reporter’s question isn’t very well-formulated, and he sort of beats about the bush: he asks Hunter Biden about the “crazy narrative around your painting” and the people “coming after the prices of the work” – “what is your response?”

“Other than: ‘F*ck them!’?” an inspirational, high-spirited, brother’s-widow-dating, crack-smoking Hunter asks in return.

One can’t help but marvel not at Hunter Biden’s art but at his certainly artistic talents to bring about public scandals in whatever he touches, and then to be utterly obnoxious and unapologetic about it – like father, like son.

By this point in time, with Joe Biden as the occupant of the White House, regardless of how he got there, the Biden family name has been tangled is so much controversy and suspicions that it could be deemed highly surprising if it somehow turns out that Hunter Biden’s art sales are just that – art transactions.

Selling the Biden name – whatever that means!

Suspicions of murky dealings aside, the mainstream media have been interviewing art critics about what they think regarding Hunter’s selling prices and the potential artistic value of his works and its monetization.

The consensus has been that Hunter’s “masterpieces” with selling prices between $75,000 and $500,000 are very overpriced.

Art critics have shied away from suspecting backstage deals so many have declared that the buyers are in reality paying for Biden’s last name, not the actual art.

According to the mainstream media, that translates into an ethics problem for Democrat President Joe Biden.

One can be forgiven to suspect that this might be Biden’s most innocent one.

“Budding artist”’ with astronomical prices

Earlier this week, Politico questioned several art critics about Hunter Biden’s seemingly unique combination of artistic qualities and marketing talent.

One art critic, Geoffrey Young, is quoted as saying that Hunter’s stuff are actually “better” than he had imagined – and one can guess he might have imagined nothing – but that they are nonetheless wildly overpriced for “a budding artist.”

Another critic, Ben Davis, said the “astronomical prices” for Hunter’s art result “from his last name” since they would reflect “an already successful artist.”

Davis, too, said he is “100% certain” what is being sold “is the Biden name and story.”

For the time, the American public probably has no other choice but to hope that this is all there is to it.

Until a fairer glimpse of the truth could arise.