Mike Lindell, the wealthy founder and CEO of MyPillow, has withdrawn his company’s advertisement from conservative TV Fox News in a major rift after the network refused to run his commercial about an event exposing large-scale fraud in the 2020 election.

60-year-old Lindell who is an advisor to President Donald Trump and one of his staunchest allies out there revealed the falling out to The Wall Street Journal.

Fox News confirmed the said development to The Daily Mail.

MyPillow is one of the biggest sources of income for Fox

Lindell is holding a cyber symposium next month which he plans to live stream, and which he says is going to “prove” that the 2020 election “was stolen” from President Trump and the Republican Party.

When he asked Fox News to run a commercial about the major voter fraud event, however, the otherwise conservative network refused.

According to The WSJ, Lindell’s pillow-making company spent nearly $50million on Fox News advertising last year, and about $19 million so far this year, making it one of the network’s largest advertisers.

In confirming the falling out, a spokesperson for Fox News told The Daily Mail that Lindell’s decision to “pause his commercial time” on Fox News is “unfortunately”, especially considering “the level of success” that he’s been achieving in “building his brand” by advertising on America’s “number one cable news network”.

For the time being, it is unclear when ads for MyPillow will stop running on FoxNews as they were still broadcast as of late Thursday night.

Lindell explicitly emphasized that the commercial rejected by Fox News contained the message that his upcoming cyber symposium is going to “prove” the “election was stolen”.

In its report on the rift between MyPillow and Fox News, The Daily Mail itself states its own editorial view that “Joe Biden clearly won” last year’s presidential election despite “numerous recounts and election audits” and a “flurry of lawsuits” “thrown out of courts.”

$5 Million prize if you manage to prove that Lindell is wrong

The UK-based supposedly right-wing paper appears to ignore the wide range of evidence casting doubt on the 2020 election results and the fact the Democrats have been going to great lengths in order to prevent forensic audits and recounts from taking place.

The DM states that the MyPillow CEO has kept spreading “conspiracy theories” – that is how the newspaper refers to Lindell’s claims that voting machine maker, Dominion Voting Systems, changed the 2020 presidential results from Trump to Biden.

Dominion has in fact filed a $1.3billion lawsuit against Lindell and MyPillow for defamation, while the Trump ally responded by suing Dominion for $1.6 billion

On his website, Mike Lindell announced that the 72-hour cyber symposium to prove 2020 election fraud is taking place starting on August 10 and will be held live at frankspeech.com.

The site states that because of persistence in looking into the 2020 election, Mike Lindell lost millions because “big name companies” have been pulling his pillows.

Nonetheless, he is “prepared for battle.”

According to the announcement, the symposium will be a “private event” that will reveal “cyber data and packet captures” from last year’s election.

Lindell is also going to announce a $5million reward for anyone who manages to “find proof” that the cyber data he has “is not valid data.“