With anti-crime legislation he authored as a member of the US Senate in the 1980s and 1990s, Joe Biden has put in prison with excessive terms countless members of the African-American community just over small amounts of crack – which is ironic and extremely hypocritical considering that the same should apply to his crack-addict son Hunter.

Laws sponsored in 1986 and 1994 by Joe Biden, who is now president on behalf of the Democratic Party, a self-proclaimed protector of America’s minorities, have wreaked havoc among the African American community by slapping tremendous prison terms for non-violent drug crimes such as selling or owning small amounts of crack.

His scandalous son Hunter has committed the same kind of offense, with a recently leaked video showing him indulge in smoking crack cocaine

Under those same laws, Hunter Biden would have to be sent to prison as a recently leaked video from a laptop he owned showed him lighting a pipe and smoking crack cocaine while arguing in an online conversation with Hallie Biden, his girlfriend who is also the widow of his brother Beau Biden.

Of course, the liberal lefty Democrats have always been full of hypocrisy but viewing Hunter Biden light up his crack pipe and sink further into the abyss of temporary drug-addictive bliss, and considering the severe imprisonment of numerous Americans for the same kind of thing takes Joe Biden and the Democratic Party to the next level of double standards.

So apparently being a Biden boy has all kinds of benefits – from getting to fly on your then-vice-president-daddy’s Air Force 2 on murky business dealings around the world, getting a gift $50,000 monthly salary from a dubious Ukrainian energy company, selling extremely overpriced art of your own, perhaps for political favors, dating your brother’s widow, to not getting arrested and thrown to rot in prison for decades for 5 grams of crack.

Being Sleepy Joe’s son apparently pays off in numerous ways

A video report uploaded on Rumble shows the case of Darius Perkins, who was just released from prison after serving 23 years out of a 35-year sentence under Joe Biden’s legislation for selling crack cocaine.

Perkins says that he isn’t playing a victim but that his sentence was obviously harsh.

Under the same measure, Hunter Biden would have to serve decades for crack possession, as testified by the latest leak from his old laptop.

Joe Biden has taken credit for a law passed in 1986 which equated sentences for 5 grams of crack possession and 500 grams of cocaine.

In 1994, another bill backed by Biden stipulated mandatory life sentences to be issued for repeat drug offences on the federal level and urged US states to adopt the measure on the state level.

Such measures were passed in spite of the seeming devastation they caused to the African American communities.

Thousands of African Americans remain in prison under those same terms while Hunter Biden has committed the same thing as many of them.

The report notes that in his apologies for the havoc his laws unleashed, Joe Biden has touted the fact that Barack Obama trusted him to serve as his running mate and vice president.

Perkins believes that is not enough.

In one video segment from his time as Senator, Joe Biden can be heard saying he doesn’t care what caused the crack offenders to commit the crime as long as they are taken off the streets.

Weird that nobody is taking Hunter Biden off the streets or off American public life considering that he might have been involved in activities that are far more suspicious than crack possession or even crack selling.