Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House, increasingly behaves like an empress of the ever more aggressive American left, all the more so with her latest demonstration that the draconian mask mandate rules she just imposes on the US Capitol simply don’t apply to her.

On Friday, barely a day after she militarized mask-wearing on Capitol grounds, Pelosi was caught without a mask violating her own rules, and not once but twice.

Draconian rules for others

The mask-wearing mandate she forced upon the venues of the US Congress citing a recent CDC recommendation that even fully vaccinated people should now wear masks indoors shocked the public by being unnecessarily stringent.

It stipulates that all staffers or visitors not wearing a mask inside the Capitol could end up getting arrested on the grounds of unlawful entry, thus turning the already embattled Capitol police into a mask watchers’ guild.

Actual members of Congress who might not wear a mask are the only ones exempt from the possibility of arbitrary arrest but even they are subjected to reporting to the CP sergeant and further scolding.

The leftist royalty that she seemingly considers herself to be, Pelosi is apparently exempt from all of her own rules – and possibly anybody else’s.

This is why she went on without a mask on two different occasions on Friday, setting a marvelous example of what not to do when government credibility is at stake.

Violating her own rules. Twice

The first such instance was when Pelosi took off her mask in order to take a photo with the newly elected Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-TX), who triumphed earlier this week in a special election on the 6th Congressional District of Texas.

Pelosi can be seen without a mask in a video tweeted by the RNC research team.

Not long after that, the chief of the radical liberal left was caught maskless once again, during a press conference at which she was the only in violation of her own rule.

A video tweeted by Michael McAdams, the Communications Director of the RNC, shows how she introduces Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader, without a mask.

After Hoyer comes to the podium, Pelosi steps aside but remains without a face mask.

She is above them all!

Besides her own rules that slapped on the groups of the US Capitol through a directive of the new chief of the Capitol police, had it been a day later, Pelosi would have also been in violation of the renewed indoor mask mandate for Washington, DC.

The new Washington indoor mask mandate enters into force as of 5 am on Saturday, July 31, as per an order of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser issued earlier this week.

And, on top of all that, with a demonstration that she is above the rules, Pelosi also defied a recommendation made earlier this week by Brian Monahan, the Capitol Attending Physician, who recommended that members of Congress wear “well-fitted” super mask.