Republican staffers have defied the “mask or arrest” order given by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after they played a watered-down version of beer pong and smoked cigars in the hallways of the Capitol building.

As reported by multiple media outlets, Speaker Pelosi ordered Capitol Police to immediately arrest any staff or visitors who refused to wear a mask whilst on Capitol premises.

The order was implemented with complete disregard for vaccination status, after months of mixed messages from the Biden administration which stated that if you were “double-jabbed” then you did not have to wear a mask indoors.

The Staffer Party

In response to Speaker Pelosi’s Congress-wide order, numerous members of the GOP throughout Congress allowed their staff to conduct their work without the need for masks and social distancing.

Not only did the staff take this offer onboard, many of the young staffers decided to take it to the next level.

The young staffers brought out drinks of water for beer pong, an inflatable rubber duck, and smoked cigars in the hallways.

Republican members of the House also staged their own protest, but they held it in the Senate wing, where a mask mandate is not enforced.

On Thursday, before Pelosi’s announcement, President Joe Biden announced that all employees within the federal government and all employees of federal contractors have to be either fully vaccinated, or wear a mask and be willing to be subjected to regular Covid testing.


Whilst many on social media saw the funny side of Congress staffers playing beer pong in the halls of Capitol Hill, one particular staffer wasn’t too impressed.

Aaron Fritschner, a staffer for Democratic Representative Don Beyer, took to Twitter to express his disgust at what he saw.

He stated that he believed the Republican staffers felt the need to “demonstrate their freedoms” over their responsibility to justify taxpayer-funded salaries, ridiculing the events.

He then posted images of the scenes in the tight hallway, before proclaiming “if you pay taxes in the United States you are paying for this.”

Then Fritschner followed up with a final tweet, claiming that the Republican staffers wouldn’t be the ones to clean up their “mess,” and that the hallway where the pictures were taken contained mostly Democrat offices, trying to garner sympathy for Democrat staffers who had to soldier past a hallway of fun in otherwise depressing times.

Safe to say he wasn’t best pleased with the staffers living a normal, fun life.