An entire generation of American youth has literally and directly been taught to hate America by American college professors on American college campuses all across the country, and the horrifying results are already showing.

A video report by Campus Report from the University of South Florida, which isn’t even considered an all-out leftist liberal school, has painted the gruesome picture of young Americans not wishing to be “American”, and not rooting for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics because they have been taught the most destructive kind of self-hatred: hating their own country.

I’m not proud of being American…

According to correspondent Ophelie Jacobson, who shared the video report and her reaction to Fox & Friends, a fair share of the US college students actually explicitly refuse to support the American team at the Olympics.

They claim to instead be supporting “individual athletes”, not their country and not their nation.

Instead, some voice support for athletes who embarrass and humiliate the United States with their wokeist “anti-racist” protests before the eyes of the whole world, as though America is the worst place on earth.

One student featured in the report in particular shocks with her malicious communist thinking, saying that she doesn’t “like being an American” because the US has “no free health care” and because many people are “suffering because of housing”, and it is “f** corrupt.”

The poor and completely misguided young lady should spend some years or at least months in a great number of countries around the globe – apparently, she hasn’t had any experience to serve as a basis for comparison but she has managed to get herself completely indoctrinated into Marxist delusions and lies.

Another student in the report says that patriotism “should be that strong”, and that he wouldn’t root for any country just because “it’s some country” that he lives in.

Why are you still here if we’re so bad?

The mind boggles as to why people who are so disparaging of the United States and even outrightly hate it don’t pack their bags and move to any of the socialist or “non-racist” paradises out there across the globe…

Probably because they have been taught not just to hate America but to wish to destroy it, which is why they’d love to stick around and ruin everything for the real patriotic, law-abiding American citizens who are proud of their country – and they do have a lot more to be proud of than most other nations in the world.

In her reaction, Jacobson says how sad it is to see an entire American generation lose interest and hope in American excellence.

She says it is because of “anti-American sentiment”, which permeates college campuses all over the country.

The correspondent emphasizes that no other country teachers its own citizens to hate it – except for other Western countries gripped by wokeism and “identity politics.”

Countless young Americans have by now been taught by vile Marxist social science professors, both of the truly dictatorial and the “useful idiot” type, to believe that their nation is flawed and unjust, while the others are so, so much better.

Especially if those other nations might be genocidal leftist tyrannies where individuals barely have rights and freedoms, or “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” but have some kind of “free” (as in, paid for by the state, not “liberated”) healthcare and education.

Subversive American Marxists hate America so much but if you happen to be China, Russia, Cuba, or North Korea – you are good.

You are golden.

With the wokeist, transgenderist, ultrarelativist American left spewing hatred against the country that’s allowed it to exist and, unfortunately, thrive, on a daily basis, America is in big, big trouble.

So is the entire West and all those nations and peoples – such as the Cubans who dared to rise up against their communist dictatorship with American flags in hand.