Today was the first day of the Congressional hearings ostensibly meant to get to the bottom of what happened in relation to the Capitol Hill riot of January 6.

The word “ostensibly” really cannot be emphasized strongly enough, however. According to many conservatives, these hearings are nothing but a sham political ritual through which Democrats can demonize their enemies.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has already wisely pulled all of the Republican appointees who were initially suggested to join it. When Nancy Pelosi refused to admit the likes of Jim Jordan onto the committee, who conservatives say would have done at least something to keep things honest, McCarthy realized that allowing any Republicans at all to participate would only grant things a false aura of “impartiality” and “bipartisanship.”

The only Republican on the committee now is Liz Cheney, who is not exactly on good terms with her conservative colleagues.

But of course, no political farce could be complete without the participation of California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, who spent years attacking Donald Trump and his alleged connections to the Kremlin.

Full of Schiff

Schiff — whom Tucker Carlson once called a sociopath on live TV — took every opportunity he could to pontificate about his alleged care for democracy during the hearings. At one point, while questioning a Capitol Police officer, he launched into a speech that, even by his standards, was pretentious. He said, without a hint of self-awareness, that America will fall apart if we continue to “deem elections illegitimate merely because they didn’t go our way rather than trying to do better next time.”

Remember that there is currently about 14,000 hours of surveillance camera footage from the Capitol on that day that the government refuses to release.

In a word, all of this is pure political theater. But given that this hearing could be used to smear the names of people who weren’t involved in the despicable Capitol attack, it is extremely dangerous theater.