Half of Americans who identify as Republicans think that a time will come for “patriotic Americans” “to take the law” into their own hands, according to a new poll by George Washington University, which sought to explore the voters’ trust in democratic values and electoral systems.

The poll by GW Politics discovered that Republican and Democratic voters are nearly unanimous in their support for basic American principles such as free speech, free and fair elections, and peaceful protest.

Republicans stand ready to defend America

However, unsurprisingly, unlike the leftists’ long-suspected lack of will to defend all things American, the poll found that about 55% of Republican voters support the use of force, if needed, in order to preserve the “traditional American way of life”.

Only 15% of the Democrats do so.

The GOP voters’ readiness to stand up and die for America, if they have to, is underscored by the poll finding that a total of 47% of the Republicans are convinced that they might have to take the protection of the law “into their own hands.”

For Democratic voters, this number is only 9%.

America’s grand values, traditions, and principles, and its unrivaled achievements have been the pride of generations of true American patriots and the envy of the world but in recent decades it has unconditionally been the Republicans who have been the protectors of all.

And chances are they will continue to be.

Republicans no longer trust elections?

The GW Politics poll also found that Republicans are substantially less likely to keep a strong, that is, blind, faith in state and local elections.

Thus, 63% of Republicans vs. 85% of Democrats express trust in local election officials; 44% of Republicans vs. 76% of Democrats say they trust state officials.

After the 2020 election marred by potential large-scale voter fraud, the GW Politics poll found that Republican voters’ trust in federal elections collapsed.

Thus, only 28% have confidence in the upcoming 2022 midterm election, while 46% used to before the 2020 vote.

For the Democratic voters, the numbers are 75% and 76%, respectively, which is hardly surprising considering how they are on the “winning side” of the potentially compromised and by now discredited 2020 election, with the extremely suspicious victory of Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

The survey also found that 82% of Republicans have their trust in election results shaken by the fact that “so many people” are prepared to vote for “anyone who offers” handouts.

With the Democrats, on the other hand, only 15% agreed with that statement.

The GW Politics poll was by YouGov conducted between June 4 and June 23, 2021, among over 1,700 registered voters across the United States.

It was the final poll in a four-wave panel, which started in October with 2,500 voters.

It is little wonder that Republicans are prepared to take the law into their own hands and to use force to defend America domestically, if need be, given how Democrat-dominated cities and states were overrun by looting BLM thugs in 2020, and how Antifa and BLM mobsters, which are condoned by the radicalizing Democratic Party, continue to harass law-abiding citizens and American Christians.