The Democrats have always been two-faced, that appears to be not just their philosophy but their true nature, but as of late they are on a real hypocrisy rampage – and their double standards in which a joke by GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy is a scandal whereas a real, serious insult by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is something to be cheered.

“The moron” jokes

The self-styled royalty of the radicalizing American left, Pelosi, recently called McCarthy “a moron” in front of a dozen reporters, after the House Minority Leader questioned the non-existent science behind the CDC’s new mask wearing guidance for the fully vaccinated.

Nothing followed from the Democrat side.

No apology by Pelosi, condemnation by any representatives of the left, not even an admission that using such foul language towards your political opponents is inadmissible in a democracy – not to mention the American democracy, the democratic, rule of law trailblazer for all humanity for the past 250 years.

What is even worse, Pelosi’s insult was defended by her spokesperson who even doubled down on by reiterating that McCarthy’s well-reasoned and fully justified comments were “moronic.”

It’s several days later, McCarthy has made a joke – and now the hypocrisy-emanating Democrats are all of a sudden calling for the Republican House leader’s resignation and are scolding him like there’s been nothing more horrible in the world.

All of that over a joke, and an actually funny one at that.

“Hard not to hit her”

During a recent dinner, members of the Republican congressional delegation of the state of Tennessee gave McCarthy as a gift a giant gavel featuring the words, “Fire Pelosi.”

Besides McCarthy, the event also had as speakers Tennessee’s Republican Governor, Bill Lee, and the state’s US Senators, Bill Hagerty and Marsha Blackburn.

In his address, McCarthy expressed optimism that the Republicans will be able to retake the House in 2022.

Thus, he invited the Republican donors attending the event to be present when Pelosi hands him the House Speaker gavel.

At that point McCarthy joked that “it will be hard” for him “not to hit” Pelosi with the gavel but that he will manage to “bang it down.”

“Would-be assailant”

That has quickly caused the Democrats to scream bloody murder, and some of them have even called for McCarthy’s resignation.

California Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeted that the House Minority Leader is a “would-be assailant” of Pelosi.

Of course, he was nowhere to be heard from when Pelosi in earnest called McCarthy “a moron.”

California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu scolded McCarthy for “encouraging or threatening” “political violence”, and urged him to apologize.

Over a joke.

Lieu, of course, kept his liberal leftist mouth shut when Pelosi was spewing out insults.

Scott Dworkin, the Democratic Coalition co-founder, tweeted a question, asking who else believes McCarthy must resign because he was “joking” about assaulting Pelosi.

The hypocrisy the Democrats are once again displaying, and on a mass scale, is unbelievable.