The moment where President Joe Biden was prompted to wipe something off his chin was captured by numerous photographers after one of his aides passed him a note that read “Sir, there’s something on your chin.”

The note was passed to the President during a Zoom meeting with western governors to address what the federal government can do to help to combat the raging wildfires throughout those states.

How the meeting unfolded

The meeting, which was held virtually over Zoom, was put together by the administration to look into what help they could offer states that are currently being ravaged by wildfires this summer.

In attendance at the meeting were the President and Vice-President, as well as Governors Gavin Newsom of California, Tim Waltz of Minnesota, and Jay Inslee of Washington, amongst others.

President Biden opened the first ten minutes of the meeting by analyzing how great a threat this year’s wildfires pose to American life and infrastructure, being completely oblivious to the yellow mark on the bottom of his chin.

Now, its typical for the President to receive notes from his aides when he is faced with questions that may send him “off-script,” however, upon receiving a note ten minutes in, the President proceeded to wipe the bottom of his chin and examine his palm afterward, suggesting that the note alerted him to the mark.

This was then confirmed after the President used the exact same notecard to take notes when the governors were speaking.

Inadvertently, Biden held up the opposite side of the notecard, where the words “Sir, there’s something on your chin” were visible to the Zoom camera, as well as to photographers in the room, who took zoomed-in snaps of the card.

Biden then moved onto to discuss how the federal government was going to aid firefighters as they risk their life, including the introduction of a $15 minimum wage that was announced last week.

He even joked with Washington Governor Jay Inslee that this administration was “beginning to convince the public that the climate crisis was real.”