The transgender perversion is on the march, and its crusade is terrorizing hundreds of millions of normal Americans in order to convenience a small minority of delusional LGBT individuals.

Its next target erasing biological sex and replacing it with the malicious and fictitious “gender identity”: the birth certificates of the innocent American babies – because the LGBT ideology wants to attack humans as soon as they are brought into this world in its quest to procure recruits for its perversions.

Delete your child’s sex – don’t inconvenience the LGBT

The Board of Trustees of the apparently left-wing AMA (American Medical Association) has drafted a resolution declaring the organization in favor of wiping biological sex from American birth certificates.

AMA’s board believes that the only information that needs to be on a birth certificate is the evidence that a person has been born, and that the terms “male” and “female” must be erased.

Imagine the impudence.

AMA’s trustees must instead answer the question of whether they have asked all American parents if they agree their children’s biological sex to be erased from their first official document.

Or where it is fair and honest to the innocent newborns to deny them the right to have their actual biological sex on their birth certificates, turning them into sex-less, worm-type creatures.

And all of that so that the perverts espousing the gender ideology can try to delude and trick more innocents to their sick cause, and so they can enjoy the status of a small minority being able to terrorize the vast majority.

The AMA Board of Trustees’ resolution discussed both forms of birth documentation in the US.

Namely, the certificate of live birth, which is used for data collection, as well as the birth certificate, which contains the names of parents, and those of the child or children as well as the latter’s biological sex.

According to AMA, however, sex needs to be noted on the live birth certificate for statistical purposes, while actual birth certificates should not contain sex because this could be bad for individuals who later in life decide to live as “something” else, different from their biological sex.

A classic example of an entitled – and delusional – minority terrorizing the vast majority.

In its resolution, AMA’s Board of Trustees notes that “sex designation” refers to the “biological difference between males and females.”

Remove the sex designation! No male, no female

However, today a total of 48 states and DC are letting people “to amend their sex designation” on the birth certificate based on their “individual gender identities”

AMA is unhappy, though, that only 10 states allow a “gender-neutral designation”, usually an “X”, on their birth certificates.

Its board declares that it “will advocate” in favor of the “removal of sex as a legal designation”, while the biological sex would be contained on the certificate of life birth, which would be used “only” for statistical, medical, and public health purposes.

The transgenderism advocates are taking it one step at a time towards their perverted dream of turning Americans into sexless, mindless, gender-idolizing creatures.

Its sick ideology will not succeed but it will try to harass and terrorize the normal folks as much as it can.