The illegal immigration border crisis literally cooked deliberately by Democrat President Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris as they stopped the construction of the Mexican border wall started by President Donald Trump is rapidly turning into a catastrophe of monstrous proportions.

The latest utterly shocking development surrounding the tsunami of illegal Latin American immigrants inundating the United States is a wave of some 1,000 migrants captured on drone video footage as they are stopped in Mission, Texas, by Border Patrol, shortly after crossing the border.

The video shows the illegals sitting under the Anzalduas Bridge near the US-Mexican border as they are held by border patrol.

The migrants are sitting in the shade of the bridge.

The video was posted on Twitter by Bill Melugin, a Fox News correspondent, who commented that is “the largest group” of illegal immigrants “we’ve ever seen” as it was being “held by Border Patrol.”

Melugin pointed out that a “popular” crossing of the Rio Grande River is located nearby, that the area can only be viewed by drone, and that the group of illegal immigrants appears to contain up to 1,000 people.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who is the House GOP Conference Chair, commented that the video shows “an absolute catastrophe” coming “from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris” and the Democrats in Congress.

Henry Cuellar, a Democrat member of the House from Texas, declared in turn that both the local communities living near the Mexican border and the agents from the US Department of Homeland Security are “overwhelmed” by the tsunami of illegal migrants.

Begging Biden to get rid of Kamala

Cueller has already written to Biden, the president from his own party, urging him to appoint a new official in charge of tackling the border migrant crisis to replace Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris has been tapped by Biden for the job since March but her performance has been widely criticized, even by fellow Democrats such as Cuellar, and only last week did she unveil a plan of five policies to tackle the crisis – all of them seeming destined for failure – like everything else that has come from the infamous Kamala.

In a tweet, Texas Democrat Cuellar declared in July, as in June, the DHS and the border communities are going to once again face more than 180,000 illegal immigrants – in addition to the 1 million who have arrived so far in the fiscal year 2021.

Meanwhile, Chip Roy, a Republican member of House from Texas, also shared pictures of the influx, and stated that US Customs and Border Protection are overwhelmed.

He said that more than 7,000 illegals are being held by Border Patrol, while another 5,000 are waiting.

The new shocking footage of the monstrous scope of the illegal immigrant crisis comes after on Saturday, Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbot declared the Biden administration is causing a “constitutional crisis” as the Department of Justice sued the state of Texas in order to prevent its troops from pulling over vehicles that carry illegal immigrants.