As the Democrats, who have an outright majority in the US House of Representatives, on Friday failed to extend the eviction moratorium over the COVID-19 pandemic, that has caused the unspeakable wrath on part of the party’s left-wing, the oftentimes delusional progressives who are “left-of-the-left” extremists.

So much so that furious progressives are now calling for a protest to occupy the US Congress, with the #OccupyCongress hashtag trending on Twitter and reaching the top 10 of the US trends on Sunday.

Calls to take over the US Congress

A last-minute effort on Friday to approve a bill to extend the moratorium is reported to have failed because of opposition by about a dozen Democratic members of the House.

Regardless of the open calls for taking over the US Congress, a situation highly reminiscent of the January 6 events at the Capitol in Washington, DC, the trending #OccupyCongress hashtag has hardly been mentioned by the otherwise leftist mainstream media, and no pundits have been alarmed of the prospects of an “insurrection.”

That is, of course, no surprise as the two-faced nature of the Democratic Party and its subdivision of varying degrees of leftist radicalism are well-known and proven on a daily basis.

Yet, the Democrats’ failure to extend the moratorium, thus threatening some 3.6 million Americans with evictions, seems to have created a tangible rift within the party, in particular among its most radical extremists, the progressives, and the less radical but still hopelessly liberal leftist mainstream.

The spearheads of the progressive wing already lashed out against their own, including Democrat President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the moratorium’s expiration on Saturday, July 31.

Infamous Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) blamed it on “conservative Democrats” – as though that is a thing – while the no less infamous Rep. Cori Bush (R-MO) has been camping out on the lawn before the Capitol in protest.

AOC has joined her even though the House part of the building is now empty.

Even though the House already began its summer recess on Friday, numerous progressives have called for its return in order to vote on extending the eviction moratorium.

Big tech now censoring the ‘working-class poor’

A Twitter account called “Democratic Socialists of America” tweeted its satisfaction over the trending of the #OccupyCongress hashtag, slamming Congress for “vacationing”, and urging progressive extremists to “keep organizing” what is called “a widescale housing justice movement.”

Some progressive even seem to have started to suspect collusion between the less radical wing of the Democratic Party and big tech since the #OccupyCongress hashtag was trending strongly at one point but then suspiciously disappeared from the Twitter trends.

Some users have thus commented that Twitter appears to be “suppressing and silencing” the working-class “asking for their rights.”

It has been long known that big tech with its ubiquitous social media has been in bed with the Democrats, while censoring left and right the Republicans and conservatives in general.

However, the seeming rift between the progressive extremists and the misguided mainstream Democrat leftists over the eviction moratorium indicates that big tech would occasionally be closer to the Pelosi mainstream – which is sufficiently radically anti-American in its own right – and might thus make trending hashtags that unfavorable to it just vanish in cyberspace.

So, due to their competing levels of radicalism, radical liberal leftists may be starting to beach themselves at their own game.

And the progressive are tasting some of their own bitter medicine: big tech censorship.

That doesn’t obscure the need to cover and maybe even investigate the calls to #OccupyCongress – especially considering the outcry over the 1/6 events in Washington.