China’s newly appointed ambassador in Washington, DC, Qin Gang, has arrived with a clear mandate from Chinese leader Xi Jinping to arrest the PRC’s great power status and standing vis-à-vis the United States.

China now claims “equality” with America

A communication issued by Qin’s office last week was drawn in diplomatic but rather categorical terms, making clear China’s self-awareness of its enhanced global standing, after decades of growing rich on American investments.

In the statement in question, the new Chinese ambassador to the US clearly demanded that America treat China with “equality” in great power terms.

The communication declared that “both China and” the US “are major countries” possessing “important influence in the world”, a diplomatic formula indicating Beijing’s understanding that the PRC must be viewed on an early footing with America.

Qin’s office added that the US-Chinese relation has been an “extraordinary journey” with “twists and turns”.

Apparently implying that China is now equal in power to America, the statement said that “at this new historical juncture”, the two powers have to “follow” what is called “the trend of the times” and treat one another “with mutual respect and equality”.

It added that the “peaceful coexistence” and what it terms “win-win cooperation” will be a “blessing” for the two nations and “the whole world.”

In another paragraph, the office of the new Chinese Ambassador to the US declared that the people of China “will never stop” a “quest for a better life,” while the Chinese Communist Party and China’s government “will never stop” seeking to achieve that “for the people”.

The statement ended by declaring a commitment to “peaceful development” and a “shared future for mankind.”

Conveying Xi’s message on China’s great power success

The flagship of the liberal leftist mainstream media in the US, The New York Times, published a report on Qin’s arrival to Washington, explaining that he will work to counter the efforts of the Biden administration to curb the growing Chinese influence around the globe.

According to the NYT, Qin will probably convey to the US leadership that Chinese leader Xi Jinping expects the People’s Republic to be “treated as a great power”, a message reflecting confidence party stemming from what is said to be “China’s success” with respect to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

What isn’t mentioned here at all are the very justified and reasonable suspicions of the entire international community that the horrible pandemic was inflicted upon the world by China because of a lab leak from the Virology Institute in Wuhan, with key figures in the GOP making it clear that China will have to be held accountable for that.

China has been growing increasingly defiant of US power, especially since President Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, and Democrat Joe Biden seems to be projecting weakness.

Biden’s top diplomat Anthony Blinken was humiliated by the Chinese leadership in a bilateral summit in Alaska in March when he was told that the US cannot talk to China from the position of strength.